Make your Mortgage an Asset with Advice and Education.

At mortgagehq, we believe mortgages should not be a burden for Kiwis. But instead a tool to help you build wealth, or to use as you get mortgage free.

Can you retire younger?

Take back control of your mortgage. Annihilate it, or leverage the bank to build your own investment portfolio.

The team at Mortgage HQ have mapped out the typical journey to create a profitable property investing portfolio – we call it The Mortgage Lifecycle. The Mortgage Lifecycle breaks down the journey into three stages. 

  • Our mortgage advisers are here to help you through every step of your journey.
  • The online masterclasses will show you what to do to get the results you want.
  • The Property Formula Workshop shows you the deep level nitty gritty, with step by step instruction to see you achieve your goals.
  • The 3 Property Accelerator is a fast, light version of the popular full workshop. This 7 Day Sprint will break down all the core principles for getting your first three investment properties. You can credit the course costs and upgrade at your convenience.

We have mortgage classes and property investment courses for every stage of your property investment journey. Whether you’re just getting started or are looking for advanced mortgage structure strategies, we’ve got something for all types of property investors and homeowners.

Build your portfolio with our Property Masterclasses

Stage 1: Mortgage Reduction

For those with a home.
Restructure your mortgage and property to pay it off in half the time.

✔️Available on-demand 24/7
✔️1 Hour of lifechanging content
✔️Downloadable PDF slide deck
✔️Complementary Repayment Planner
✔️Best for people in their first few years of home ownership

For just one payment of $7

Stage 2: Mortgage Expansion

For those with home equity or cash.
Set yourself up to buy 3 investment properties in 5 years.

✔️Available on-demand 24/7
✔️1 Hour of lifechanging content
✔️Downloadable PDF slide deck
✔️Complementary 4 Yield Calculator
✔️Best for people looking to grow their portfolio

For just one payment of $17

Stage 3: Mortgage Optimisation

For those with a portfolio.
Transform your portfolio into a profit machine.

✔️Available on-demand 24/7
✔️1 Hour of lifechanging content
✔️Downloadable PDF slide deck
✔️Complementary Mortgage Tool
✔️Best for people looking to optimise their return on investment

For just one payment of $23

Step away from the doom and gloom the media create and see 2023 as a great time to take meaningful action.

If you want to take advantage of all of the uncertainty in the property market over the next few years then pick up our new book.

After helping thousands of homeowners and investors get on the right path with their mortgages we decided to bind the best ideas and case studies together and create a roadmap for people who want to create financial freedom for themselves over a 10 year timeframe.

Don’t let rising interest rates (towards the average) and a falling property market (towards the average) stop you from making logical decisions about your wealth building. The world might seem like it’s falling apart but you can choose to ignore the ‘bad news’ that sells papers and TV advertising and focus on yourselves.

Pick up your copy and get some clarity on how to build a property portfolio that generates income for life and creates freedom for you and your family.

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The 4 Pillars to Your Financial Success

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We are proud to have been featured on a number of important New Zealand real estate, property and news websites. Some articles have written about us, some articles feature Andrew Malcolm’s contributions via interview and other articles were written by us. 

Outstanding client results come from wise advice.

For you to experience extraordinary results we need to provide you with unusually good advice.

We do this by following a continually evolving process that moves past explaining your current options and includes forecasting how your decisions will create or eliminate options in your future.

Meet some of your team

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