23 Tips For Property Investors Who Want To Maximise Borrowing and Savings

If you’re a property investor looking to maximise your property and mortgage savings this is information for you. Many property investors do not take advantage of cash back incentives from banks, they often miss out on the lowest interest rates available, and have NOT been told about their options with property ownership for tax efficiencies. […]

Rapid portfolio building

You’ve heard the stories.”I built a 10 property portfolio in 17 months…”To build that fast. You need. Infinite Growth. To rapidly build a portfolio requires a specific lending environment. Perhaps you’ve thought, “that was possible back then. But not now”. During recent years – it has been extremely difficult to establish or grow property portfolios […]

Making Mortgage Interest Tax-Deductible

AGenerally speaking, only if they’re investment properties and only if it’s set up properly. Probably, in most cases, you’ll be using a property accountant to really make sure that you’re taking advantage of it. So, you won’t get the tax advantages on your family home, but you will get tax deductible expenses for the interest […]

LTC (Look through company)

LTC’s in 60 seconds Property investors often use an LTC, which is officially know as a Look Through Company. Why? well, there are a couple of different reasons. Firstly, you want to be looking at your TAX advantages, especially if you’re using negative gearing or you’ve got multiple properties in the mix, you want to […]

Mortgage Tips for Self Employed

How to get a mortgage with a main bank if you are self-employed Some people think, “Hey, I’m self-employed. It’s really hard for me to get a mortgage.” Well, it’s actually not. There’s a lot of small businesses in New Zealand. You know, New Zealand is made up of small business owners and it doesn’t […]

Reduce property ownership costs

Reduce your council rates bill.Reduce what you pay to the bank.Reduce your insurance costs.Reduce your maintenance costs. How to Reduce your Auckland Council Rates Bill Council rates are a tax every property owner has to pay, it is made up of three components: a Uniform Annual General Charge – UAGC (fixed charge)a general ratetargeted rates. […]

The Bright Line Test

The bright-line rule in New Zealand for residential property is very straightforward. It says you’ll pay tax when you buy and sell a residential property within five years unless an exception applies. New Zealand does not have a capital gains tax, but we do have an income tax. If the ird classifies you as buying and selling […]

Rental Yield Calculator

Every property investor worth their weight in salt has a tried and trusty spreadsheet for calculating rental yields. But, chances are the one you are using doesn’t calculate four different yields, and doesn’t look as pretty as this one. So if you want the best rental yield calculator use ours – it is part of our […]

Residential Tenancy Agreement Forms (RTA)

A Tenancy Agreement is a legal contract so please be wary before entering into one. You would be wise to consult your lawyer. If you do want to do it yourself here are a few things to be aware of, and a selection of template forms you can use. Tenancy Agreement Templates from Tenancy Services […]

Exit Strategies

Property investors should sell sometimes. Maybe you’ve been building up your portfolio for 10, 20, 30 years even, and you feel like you’re starting to get some real good traction on building up a base of cash flow producing properties. But what you might still be feeling, even though you’re earning a lot of money […]