The 3 Property Accelerator

On the road to success, everyone encounters roadblocks. This is the bridge you’ve been looking for.

Maybe it seems like an impassable river is stopping you, or maybe a rough road ahead is making you hesitant to keep going. You may have stopped progressing because you are stuck asking questions like:

  • What kind of properties should I look for?
  • Is it risky to have a big mortgage?
  • What strategy should I use?
  • What is my actual goal?
  • What is my capacity?

We designed the 3 property accelerator and selected these lessons and tools for people in exactly this situation. 

The 3 Property accelerator will give you clarity on how you can buy 3 properties in 3 years and expedite your investing journey.

It will take 7 days and the result?

  • A game plan for your next 3 properties
  • A deeper understanding of properties, how to profit and mitigate risks
  • Know exactly what you need to look for and how to negotiate your next property
  • The confidence needed to take action 

It is created for homeowners who:

  • Have built up some equity on their property and are ready to put it to work. 
  • Have been thinking about properties forever but haven’t yet had the clarity to really take action.
  • Who want to take property investing more seriously so they can grow a property portfolio and build passive income. 

What is it?

  • A personalized game plan to give you clarity on direction that fits your financial capability
  • Property intelligence to help you think and make decisions like a real investor 
  • Step by step guide to help take daily action and realize your property goal

Exactly what will happen?

First. Watch 2 “real life investors” interviews.

All the news is focused on historical averages, but you need real-world experience from right now about what is possible. So I will start you off by watching 2 of 5 interviews from the past 3 months. 

  • JPHow he flips properties to double his income while doing his 9-5
  • Annashares how she is recycling her full deposit from her buy and holds
  • Joediscuss his plans to subdivide his backyard so he can live for free AND make money 
  • Karenshares how her student flat gives her 5x the average cash flow!
  • Kirsty shares how she land banked and how she is now reaping the reward

We start with these interviews as it gives you an idea of the different options and opportunities available now, and gets you ready to deep dive into how to choose what strategy will work best for your current situation and what strategy you want to build towards being able to implement. 


Second. Receive access to the 5-day property sprint. 

This is a video based online course, self paced. 

Receive access to selected video lessons to take you from unsure to confident. 

Learning 1: Defining your why and setting a SMART goal where you can break it down into small actionable and achievable steps through properties. 

Learning 2: Get confidence in your ability to select a good property and pick the right strategy that compliment your strengths and weaknesses of your current position. 

Learning 3: Defining your buying rules that you will stick to, justify every decision with key metric and numbers opposed to intuition and feelings. Create the foundation across your finances and life to continuously succeed as opposed to just successfully completing one deal.  

Learning 4: ACTION! Learn everything you need to know to start negotiating a great deal, implement daily habits that is going to make you a better investor everyday. 


Course Curriculum

Day 2. Affirming Your Why and Defining Your What By Numbers.

[1] How To Utilize The Wealth Triangle (2:11)

[2] How To Fuel Your Property Investment Journey As A Technician or Rainmakers (4:06)

[3] Why The Cash Flow Quadrant Is Important For Investors (2:08)

[4] 5 Reasons We Choose Properties As A Vehicle (5:50)

[5] 5 Reasons People Fail In Properties (4:12)

[6] The Real Goal With Real Estate (It’s not buying more!) (2:34)

[7] How Does Capital Gain Fit In With Your Property Goal (3:30)

[8] The Advanced Compound Effect Calculator (4:55)

[9] The 3 Most Important Criteria To Property Investments (4:46)

[10] The 2 Hiddens Criterias That You Must Know (1:28)

Day 3. 5 Proven Property Strategies For Beginners.

[11] Property Trading and Flipping Strategy (3:49)

[12] Property Trading and Flipping Case Study (3:27)

[13] New Build Strategy (3:40)

[14] New Build Case Study (1:49)

[15] Househacking /Home and Income Strategy (4:23)

[16] Househacking Case Study (2:47)

[17] Home and Income Case Study (3:45)

[18] Central Do Ups Strategy (3:14)

[19] Central Do Ups Case Study (4:06)

[20] Regional Cash Flow Strategy (3:02)

[21] Regional Cash Flow Case Studies (3:14)

Day 4. How To Utilize Your Position For Better Results.

[22] Building Your Property Investment Pyramid (2:21)

[23] The Borrowing Capacity Quadrant (1:15)

[24] Calculating How Much Deposit You Have For The Next Property (1:29)

[25] What Is Your Max Borrowing Capacity (2:25)

[26] Strategies For Low Cash Flow Low Equity (2:20)

[27] Strategies For High Cash Flow Low Equity (1:46)

[28] Strategies For Low Cash Flow High Equity (1:43)

[29] Strategies For High Cash Flow High Equity (2:08)

Day 5. Property Maths Basics – The Foundation To A Solid Portfolio

[30] Secrets Of The Government Valuation (3:51)

[31] How To Find The Growth Cities (5:02)

[32] Why Profit & Loss Is A Must For Every Deal (6:04)

[33] How To Use Gross Yield To Analyze Deals Quickly (3:21)

[34] How Much Net Yield Should You Aim For (1:52)

[35] How To Find Undervalued Properties (CMA) (2:27)

[36] Free vs Paid CMA Tools & Exercises (7:51)

[37] Should I Renovate Or Not? (2:17)

Day 6. Everything Else You Need To Know To Get Started. (Secrets).

[38] What Purchase Price Should You Look For (3:15)

[39] To Get Pre-Approved Or Not (1:23)

[40] The Sales and Purchase Agreement Basics (6:52)

[41] Sales & Purchase Clauses To Help You Win (3:51)

[42] 2 Types Of Houses Banks Dislike & What To Do (1:41)

[43] The 3 Step Due Diligence (3:38)

[44] Negotiation Tactic To Get A Great Deal (1:02)

[45] The ABC Of Making An Offer (4:56)

[46] Tax Basics Of Investment Property (2:46)

[47] The Benefits Of Different Entities Like Trust & Companies (4:10)

[48] Why You Should Ask For Interest Only (1:56)

[49] Why You Should Max Out On Each Property (1:23)

[50] When To Separate Your Securities With Different Banks (3:57)

Day 7. Putting Knowledge Into Systematic Action Plan . TAKING ACTION.

[51] 3 Stages To Achieve Your Passive Income Goal (3:16)

[52] Building Your A-Team (4:02)

[53] Building Up Your Market Intelligence (6:19)

[54] Your Weekly 6 Steps Free Method To Finding Your Next Gem (4:16)

[55] Your Daily Habit Towards That Great Deal (6:27)

[56] Sample Filters That You Could Use (2:05)

[57] How To Make Offers Efficiently (1:59)

[58] 3 Ways To Raise Your Deposit (4:48)


Third. Schedule a 60-minute strategy session. 

Bring any questions from the previous 7 days to get expert answers. 

In addition, I will clarify your longer term borrowing capacity across a couple of different purchasing scenarios (again, keep looking ahead, I don’t want you getting stuck).

We will then define the key numbers you need to chase to keep you on track using the 3 property accelerator specific spreadsheet.

My team will help you set up the correct mortgage structure for your property expansion.

"Setting up the right foundation is key, and the right property foundation is learning the numbers!"

Smart Questions to Ask.

How does this work? 7 days of videos, self-learning and go at your own pace. Once completed you will then have a strategy session with a property focused mortgage adviser. 

What is the time commitment? Allocate at least 60 minutes per day. It’s best to sit down and take notes. You can also just take longer if you’d like over 30 days.

What if I cannot borrow money at the moment? It would best most effective if you have at least $80,000 accessible equity and your income position is no less than when you took out your loan.

What if I do not finish the material in 7 days? You don’t have to go through all of the material before your appointment – but it is important to try finish as much as possible to make the strategy session most productive.

Do I need to buy a property in 7 days? Absolutely not! But you can if you are ready. This is purely to set you up on the right path.

Is there an option to get access forever? Yes, this is the lite version of our comprehensive course which has lifetime access, it is $3997. Feel free to ask Blandon about if it would be suitable for you. If you do decide to upgrade we will credit what you paid for the accelerator. 

Let me teach you how to find the right strategy for you to start your portfolio.

And set you up to keep building it. 

I don’t want you to do this unless it is going to make an impact. What difference will this make to me?


The difference between a good investment vs an average investment is huge. 

Check out the difference below (simplistic example using a $700,000 property with no deposit for illustration). If I help you select a property with even just a 1% increase in capital gains vs another, I know I’ve done my job. 

  • 3% = $21,000 capital gains every year
  • 5% = $35,000 capital gains every year
  • 7% = $49,000 capital gains every year
  • 9% = $63,000 capital gains every year


I know for many people the idea of taking action is the hardest thing. 

I meet people every day who want to be property investors, but few of them take the actions required to achieve their goals – it breaks my heart. If I can break things down and give you a system to use so you have the confidence in yourself to take action faster. I know I’ve done my job. 

Look at the cost of waiting. If you start 40 years before you need to retire, and the goal is to retire with 1.5 million dollars of assets you only need to leverage $199,646 today (this example assumes a return of 5.5% and is just to illustrate the cost of time. But look what happens when you wait 10 years, suddenly you need to leverage $376,511. When did you first want to invest in property? Let’s get you prepared to start now.

The cost of waiting
To retire with $1.5mil of assets. Expected Return of 5.5%

    • 40 Years – Leverage $199,646
    • 30 Years – Leverage $376,511
    • 20 Years – Leverage $782,164
    • 10 Years – Leverage $2,118,212

Refund Guarantee!​

If you are unsatisfied or change your mind, just ask me for a full refund. We are so confident in the life changing value you will receive I am more than happy to offer a guarantee. 

Who is your instructor?

Blandon Leung, co-founder and director of mortgagehq. Named NZ Top Advisers by NZ Adviser in 2017, 2018, 2019. There are 3 things that he loves – properties, maths and helping people! 

Blandon has worked with hundreds of investors ranging from single mums buying their second property to super-investors with 30+ properties. He has seen getting the numbers right is what truly matters with property investment, hence he designed this accelerator with the sole focus on helping investors get the property maths right using real-life case studies.

Let me teach you how to find the right strategy for you to start your portfolio.

And set you up to keep building it.