Meet the Team

We're so proud of our team and their results

Often the mortgage advisers get all the praise. In reality, our respective submissions and servicing teams are equally driving your success.

Our team works together for you like the coaching staff for an elite athlete. When you’re creating your strategy the head coach steps up (advice team). However, when you’re updating your contract you speak directly with the team manager (settlement team). 

Each team member is specialised in one area of support for you and we encourage conversations ‘at the source’. For example, if we need to contact you about an application the settlement team is submitting – they will personally call or email you. Clients find this approach fresh as you are having a conversation directly with a specialist who is actively completing a task for you, this saves you from getting second-hand information.

You have your mortgage advisers contact details, but can call at any time on 0800 733 462 or email and we will connect you with the best person in the company for your situation.

Teams within the company

Your Advice Team is actively led by Blandon Leung. Our advisers work closely with one other adviser and utilise the full settlement team for all bank communications and applications.

Your Settlement Team is led by Fraser Hardy. They are your detail focused application powerhouse. Their magic starts with their knowledge of each bank’s current appetite for loans and exactly what client profile that bank is looking for. This team ensures your application is approved, processed correctly and then settled on time.

Don't have an adviser yet?

We encourage you to book a 10-minute introductory call. This is a no-pressure, no-obligation call that lets you chat with us so when you do require assistance you’re not alone.