Property Investing

Start with a plan

10,000 years ago families were fighting over caves as a place to keep their family warm and store their wealth. The world was simpler, you were born, you learned to hunt, to fish, to farm, you gathered food, you stored it and you shared it with those closest to you. 

You just lived, and everything you knew, you learned by imitation and instinct. 

Fast forward to today and some things remain exactly the same: you need a roof, you need to build wealth for your future. But other things have gotten more complicated. You can’t swap 10 cows for a house – you can’t even buy a house without a lawyer.

The way we learn has also changed. I guarantee you didn’t learn how to use Instagram by imitating your grandad. The world has got so large, knowledge so freely available, that we have 1,000s of choices of who to imitate, who to trust, who to follow. 

You could shadow an investor, interview your family members and friends who have built wealth successfully – and you should! But what is better than learning? Getting handed a plan. 

At mortgagehq, we have built a plan for you to follow

It starts at your beginning – wherever you are right now. It ends with you being able to retire from your income worries, whether that is a job or your own business and live comfortably from your property investment portfolio. 

Because homeownership and property investment is the cave we still need. If you are able to save money – you have the starting foundations required to build your family a shelter and maybe a rental income too.

Mortgagehq will equip you with four things:

Structured education

Structured education that is relevant to your current stage, avoid overwhelm and disappointment by learning what you need to know when you need to know it.

Quality advice

Helping you make high-quality decisions that build wealth and pay off your mortgages when the timing is appropriate. Understand, debt can be leveraged to help you build wealth.

Options analysis

Without a clear finance industry understanding of where you are, you won’t be able to make properly informed decisions. Our advice process is designed to guide you through your immediate decision and unpack the future consequences.

Join a community

Align yourself and make friends with others like you who are striving to improve their lives and have a bit more money left over every week. 

To start your journey with our help, choose an option:

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