Please use the three free mortgage calculators available online. The mortgage snapshot is the most comprehensive tool we have publicly available. 

Internally we also produce several breakdowns and spreadsheets for clients. To have someone assess your situation and calculate options to borrow more, restructure your mortgages to save money, reduce risk or reposition to achieve your wealth goals – book a call with a mortgage adviser

Calculate your mortgage options including additional borrowing power and restructure savings and opportunities.

Calculate your weekly, fortnightly or monthly mortgage repayment amount for any sized mortgage.

Calculate potential mortgage interest savings if you increased your repayments.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Use the mortgage calculator to instantly calculate your mortgage payments. 

When banks calculate what you can afford to borrow which is known as your borrowing power, they use additional criteria and an alternative interest rate known as a ‘test interest rate’. To discover your borrowing power and more use the mortgage snapshot.


Loan Amount: enter the loan you are considering getting. The house purchase price less your deposit.

Rate: Enter your expected interest rate, to find out roughly what rate you could get book a 10-minute call with an advisor.

Term: Enter the number of years you want your mortgage to be paid off over. 

Loan Type: Principal & interest loans are structured so you pay the interest and the total mortgage down, interest only loans you are paying interest only so your mortgage balance remains static. 

Payment Frequency:  We suggest to pay your mortgage fortnightly. 

Mortgage Free Calculator

When you set your original loan term your repayments will pay off your total mortgage exactly at the end of term. If you increase your repayments early on you reduce the total mortgage at the beginning of the term. This in turn decreases the amount of interest due in each payment – compounding your repayment by using more of it each payment to reduce your mortgage.


Loan Amount: enter your current (or potential) mortgage balance.

Loan Term: Enter the number of years you have remaining on your mortgage (not your fixed term interest rate, but your actual mortgage). 

Interest Rate: Enter your current interest rate – or the average rate you expect to pay over the future.

Payment Frequency:  Enter your repayment frequency. 

Extra Contribution Per Payment: Enter how much extra you could afford to pay on your repayments. 

Watch the graph change and see: 1. how much interest you can save, 2. how many years earlier you can get mortgage free.


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After four successful years,
iRefi has outgrown its brand. 

What started as a fledgling mortgage brokerage focused on helping kiwis refinance mortgages has matured into a highly driven company hunting pragmatic results for clients and stakeholders, then guiding them down the pathway to property goals.

mortgage hq logo

It is time for a new brand.

A brand that better represents who we are and who we are striving to become over the next five years.


Frank. Engage in open and honest conversations, broach tough subjects and always admit when you don’t have the answer.

Ownership.  When trusted with a task or client, take full ownership, refuse to blame others or circumstances.

Resourceful. Use all available resources to find clients the best outcome possible.

Real talk, real results.