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We would love to see you, we are located in lovely Half Moon Bay, 1 Ara-Tai Road, East Auckland.

We are upstairs in the Promenade Building, the entrance is between Cinnamon Cafe and Ara Tai Cafe. Look for us in a shared office with Malcolm Logistics.

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PO Box 54183, The Marina, 2144.

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After four successful years,
iRefi has outgrown its brand. 

What started as a fledgling mortgage brokerage focused on helping kiwis refinance mortgages has matured into a highly driven company hunting pragmatic results for clients and stakeholders, then guiding them down the pathway to property goals.

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It is time for a new brand.

A brand that better represents who we are and who we are striving to become over the next five years.


Frank. Engage in open and honest conversations, broach tough subjects and always admit when you don’t have the answer.

Ownership.  When trusted with a task or client, take full ownership, refuse to blame others or circumstances.

Resourceful. Use all available resources to find clients the best outcome possible.

Real talk, real results.