A letter from the founder

I started mortgagehq (originally known as iRefi) when I observed others and became frustrated with the quality of information available for kiwis in regards to mortgages and property. 

Initially, we focused on building online tools to put power in the hands of everyday Kiwis. You can check them out on our website. We quickly discovered that in addition to being able to help themselves people needed better experts to guide them through the process. Hence mortgagehq in its current state was born. 

We wanted to build a team of advisers that put clients first, so refused to play the industry game of commission-only salespeople. I initiated a structure of client first, team second, this means none of our advisers are paid by commission only. No one is pressured to force clients into higher commission products. We do not even refer to a Kiwisaver provider for an extra clip of the ticket like many brokers do (we recommend the not-for-profit and low fee provider Simplicity). 

When hiring advisers for our team, it is stressed to them the importance of a client helping culture and long term relationships. Our clients tell us that they appreciate us keeping in touch with them. Typically we make contact every 6-12 months to ensure customers are still receiving excellent service from their banks; their mortgages are still working for their current situation, to discuss investment strategy and to have a conversation. 

It is with great pride that mortgagehq now has over 150 five star ratings on Facebook from our customers who are so stoked with what we could achieve for them, and how we dealt with them as humans rather than as a task. We strive to be and believe we are the best mortgage advisers in New Zealand.

One facet of this culture is the value placed on personal responsibility and transparency; all team members use personal mobiles for communicating with clients. If you would like to talk to me, I am available. Please feel free to contact me on my personal mobile 021 424 027 or email me directly andrew@mhq.co.nz

Andrew Malcolm
Managing Director, iRefi Limited t/a mortgagehq

Andrew Malcolm
Managing Director, mortgagehq

Should I work directly with the bank, or with a mortgage adviser?

When mortgagehq is looking to bring on new team members we stress to them that we do not pay commissions and this is an advisery office. Our role is to help clients plan their property investment lifecycle. This also means helping you avoid mistakes. Each of our advisers is encouraged to be an ‘Anteambulo’ (which means to clear the pathway), to make your lives easier with connections to agents, accountants, lawyers and by streamlining the mortgage and insurance processes as much as possible.

Mortgagehq advisers are encouraged to challenge your thinking (and assumptions) to make sure you profit from decisions. When talking with prospective clients for the first time, many will ask ‘why should I use a mortgage broker?’. People want to know why a broker is better than going direct to the bank. This is not quite the right question. The right question is ‘who will I get the best rates AND mortgage advice from?’. Property investors with an eye for the long term should use a Mortgage Adviser.

There are over 1,000 mortgage and insurance brokers in NZ, most of them are incredibly smart, dedicated and decent people. In my opinion it’s a no-brainer (most of the time) to have one in your corner helping you get discounts and advice. However, the long term should always be taken into account because property investment is a strategy that can last decades. The above is my opinion only.

Our commitment is to put your best interests first, regardless of what payment we end up getting from the lenders. The only way we can keep doing this is by helping large volumes of clients.

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After four successful years,
iRefi has outgrown its brand. 

What started as a fledgling mortgage brokerage focused on helping kiwis refinance mortgages has matured into a highly driven company hunting pragmatic results for clients and stakeholders, then guiding them down the pathway to property goals.

mortgage hq logo

It is time for a new brand.

A brand that better represents who we are and who we are striving to become over the next five years.


Frank. Engage in open and honest conversations, broach tough subjects and always admit when you don’t have the answer.

Ownership.  When trusted with a task or client, take full ownership, refuse to blame others or circumstances.

Resourceful. Use all available resources to find clients the best outcome possible.

Real talk, real results.