Pricing & Rates

How much does it cost to work with mortgagehq?

At mortgagehq we have a plan to help you achieve your goals and set you up for a comfortable and stress-free retirement, our clients will save on average $3,500 working with us in the first year. So how much does all this cost you? It’s Free!

Mortage Interest Rates

We used to update the interest rates here daily, but they change so often, and it is not important to know the advertised rates. If you want to know the best rates available to you specifically, then get in touch. We often get discounted rates and help many clients refix their mortgages without changing banks to get a better deal. If you are not happy with those options and want to see options at other banks then we can talk about what bank would work best for your situation.

What is not widely known is that servicing calculations at some banks will allow for better or worse rates depending on your profile and goals so it is important to know what bank to ask for an offer and how to present your goals to them…

Who has the best mortage interest rates?

This actually changes on a daily basis, banks use rates to control their supply and demand. When they are looking for new business, they will be more aggressive with rates. We can see who is offering the best rates because we negotiate rates every day. Hundreds of millions of mortgages annually. Using the mortgagehq Mortgage tools is fast and free… you have nothing to lose. No credit checks, no fees, no time in line at the bank or on hold (even we have to wait on hold with the banks).

If you have access to the lowest rates on offer and maximise the cash contributions from banks, you’ll save 10s of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgages and will be in a far better position when you try to buy your next property (if that is one of your goals). We are selective who we bring on as clients to help because we prefer working with property investors who value the extra hard work we put in and value the advice over the long term.

The best question to ask is ‘would free mortgage advice and lower rates help me save a boatload of money and time?’. The answer is ‘yes!’.