HOW TO: Build $80,000 passive income through properties in 10 years

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We are proud to have been featured on a number of important New Zealand real estate, property and news websites. Some articles have written about us, some articles feature Andrew Malcolm’s contributions via interview and other articles were written by us. 

Within 5 years, you could have $80,000 of rental income

We don’t want you to be one of the people that gets stuck when you have dreams of building a portfolio. With that in mind Blandon has set out on a mission to empower any kiwi who is motivated by sharing all of his knowledge via online masterclasses. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to build an investment portfolio without getting stuck after one property. Some of what you will learn:

Use your home equity to pay off your mortgage

How to recycle equity out of your home into investment properties. Buy an investment with 'no money down'.

Use cash flow properties to build passive income

Balancing equity gains and cash flow is key to continued growth. Cash flow is the key to actually enjoying your portfolio.

Blueprint to finance your next 3 properties

Your next investment property could set you up to buy 3 more, or it could make you unable to buy another for years.

Use strategies for instant equity on your next purchase

Speed up your portfolio building by understanding the rules and tactics for infinite servicing.

Realising you can recycle equity out of your home into an investment property is a great moment to have, but caution, rushing into an investment property is not the fastest way to success.

Your goal while in stage 2 is to buy properties that fulfill a specific goal in your larger plan. We’ve seen many people who have bought the wrong first property which has slowed their progress down as they’ve been stuck – unable to get financing for additional properties.

We navigate you through this by looking ahead at how this investment will affect your future options. Will this purchase allow you to go on and buy another property – or will it stop you in your tracks? 

Client Reviews

Ronan Shun 5 Star Google Review
January 2021

It was great dealing with Frankie and Zhiyang. They were proactive, honest, informative and straightforward. Highly recommend this team.

Marie Su’a 5 Star Google Review
May 2021

Replied to an email and in no time at all, my mortgage was refixed and potential savings not to mention years OFF my mortgage repayment schedule were finalised and organised. Alejandro was easy to communicate with and very efficient. I am usually a bit hesitant about this sort of thing, but if I hadn't responded I would not be reaping the benefits. Thank you mortgagehq for the awesome service.

Ligi & Matt Toua 5 Star Google Review
January 2021

What we appreciated was the honesty and the options they provided to make things easier for us. But the biggest highlight for us is knowing that we have a better understanding of how to structure our mortgage, how to save better and how we can possibly pay our mortgage off faster, if we stick to the plan. This is something that our last 2 mortgage brokers did not do for us!

Manda Prasad 5 Star Google Review
April 2021

I just want to take a moment to thank Jeremy and his team for all their help during my first home hunt process. Jeremy’s wealth of knowledge on the finance stuff is stunning. I always enjoyed and learned from our discussions. He has shown lots of patience under many circumstances. Though I was bugging him with multiple emails for different properties, he was responded to every single email on time, never missed one. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Michelle T 5 Star Google Review
March 2021

I have had the easiest time renewing our mortgage. I am very impressed with Zhiyang & Frankie, they made the process so simple and were there to answer any questions and provided confident advice. They found us a great rate, a far better deal than I ever would've. They put our money to much better use. Thank you so much guys you were amazing, far less stress with a great outcome.

Jonathan Chen 5 Star Google Review
April 2021

Zhiyang and Yang were excellent in sorting out our new mortgage. Zhiyang in particular was on the ball and super proactive, always flexible with my work commitments getting in the way of appointments too. Very happy with their service, and looking forward to taking an even more proactive approach to our finances. Would recommend them to you, as I have to our friends who are in the market.

Scott Earley 5 Star Google Review
November 2020

Jack was professional, responsive and very easy to work with to find the right mortgage and payments options for us. The work Jack did for us was excellent in short. Our bank transition was seamless. If you're wanting to get ahead with your mortgage repayments, change banks or restructure your mortgage to do some renovations as we did, then speak to these guys, they know what they're doing!

Shay O’Neill 5 Star Google Review
November 2020

We used mortgagehq to help us get a mortgage for our first house. Our broker was excellent and talked us through the entire process and explained the best options for us. He was always available to talk even outside of normal work hours. Buying a house for the first time can be quite stressful so having someone there to help us through the process really made things so much easier. I would definitely recommend using mortgagehq.

Emma Chen 5 Star Google Review
February 2021

This is our second time using mortgagehq, Blandon and the team were very helpful in providing options and explaining the different loan structures.

Guy Alexander 5 Star Google Review
December 2020

Worked with David for about 12 months on various properties until we found our dream home. The team were fast & responsive, worked constructively with the bank to get a great deal and work through some application complexities and overall a very human approach. No silly questions on our part - we were guided every step of the way. Highly recommended and just made the process much easier.

Included in this Masterclass

Masterclass Access

24/7 access on our membership website. Pause, replay, rewatch. This is not a webinar sales pitch.

4 Yield Calculator

During the masterclass Blandon discusses a 4 Yield Calculator - you get your own copy of this calculator spreadsheet.

Condesnsed Slide Deck

Downloadable PDF slide deck for your revision and study.

Meet your instructor - Blandon Leung

Blandon Leung is a co-founder and director of mortgagehq. There are 3 things that he loves — properties, numbers, and helping people. Named NZ Top Adviser, by NZ Adviser in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Since 2015, Blandon and mortgagehq made it their mission to educate and help homeowners accelerate their mortgage-free journey. Blandon has personally worked with hundreds of homeowners ranging from single mums buying their second property to super-investors with 30+ properties. He believes mortgage should not be a burden for families but instead should be managed and used properly as a powerful tool to create wealth and financial freedom.

Build your portfolio and rental income profits.

Buy your first 3 investment properties to build $80,000 of rental income whilst increasing your equity. Sleep easy knowing you have created your financial safety net and certainty you’ll reach financial freedom.