Meet the Directors

Andrew and Blandon co-founded mortgagehq together in 2015 and still lead the company. Blandon is our Senior Mortgage Adviser and takes responsibility for continuously upskilling our adviser team while building educational content and courses to upskill you. Andrew is the Managing Director and oversees a lot of the business while staying visible and leading from the front, he ensures he still spends time talking with a huge number of our clients. 

Andrew Malcolm

With 2 kids, a girl and a boy, along with a big German Shepherd and a much better half, Andrew has his hands full at home. His passions are reading widely and hitting the gym. 

Since the beginning, Andrew has been the first caller for many people which has given him insights into how people think about their mortgages and property investing. What he enjoys most about the role of helping people is giving them ideas and feedback about how to improve their situation and plan for the future. So much of successful investing is just about simple ideas and about avoiding mistakes, and sometimes these concepts are forgotten or ignored and people just need little reminders on how to get back on the right path. 

“When we first started the business, my friends and family were hesitant to jump on board with us, but it did not take long for them to see the value we bring. Now that we have lots of our closest network on board as clients we take enormous care and pride in providing excellent advice and service.”

Blandon Leung

Blandon has got a lovely wife and a young baby boy Elijah. He spends his time outside of work travelling with his family, jamming with his church band, gym and working on his property developments. Blandon was named Top Mortgage Adviser of 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 by NZ Adviser!

“How is this couple with ordinary jobs in their 30s able to own 5 properties while my own parents are still paying off their first mortgage in their 50s?”

This question sent him on a personal journey discovering the secrets to mortgage management that separate the very successful wealth builders, from those who retired satisfactorily with their house paid off, or maybe even weren’t ever able to retire.

He found out it simply came down to 2 distinctive differences between them. Firstly, their perception of debt and secondly, how they managed it. When he learned this, it became his passion to share this knowledge. Eventually, He founded mortgagehq with Andrew. Since then mortgagehq has assisted thousands of Kiwi families to accelerate towards financial independence and continue to do so daily.

One of the roles he enjoys and takes very seriously is establishing a set of values and principles which mortgagehq use to guide their decision making and live up to.