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"Blandon and his team were able to do the almost impossible for us - very professional and capable team. I whole heartedly recommend mortgagehq to anyone who is looking to purchase a property! 5 stars."
- Isaac Ko

“How is this couple with ordinary jobs in their 30s able to own 6 properties while my own parents are still paying off their first mortgage in their 50s?”

This question sent me on a personal journey discovering the secrets to mortgage management that separate the very successful property investors, from those who retired satisfactorily with their house paid off, or maybe even weren’t ever able to retire.

I found out it simply came down to 2 distinctive differences between them. Firstly, their perception of debt and secondly, how they managed it. When I learned this, it became my passion to share this knowledge. Eventually, I founded mortgagehq with Andrew. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to see it grow to the company it is today and to look back at the thousands of Kiwi families who we have been able to help.

One of the roles of company ownership that I enjoy and take very seriously is establishing a set of values and principles which we use to guide our decision making and hiring.

At mortgagehq we aim to:

1. Share great financial concepts in their simplest form.

2. Allow Kiwis to get the most value on their mortgages.

3. Put our customers’ interests first.

4. Provide a great online experience for our customers.

When I am not planning mortgages, you can find me travelling with my wife, at church, boxing, gaming or learning how to produce videos.

I can’t wait to meet you.

  • Prompt efficient communication. It was great working with Zhiyang, Blandon & Ray in finding a way to restructure our Mortgage. Will defiantly recommend.

    Chenny Chen Avatar
    Chenny Chen

    Blandon & the team made the journey to owning our first home an enjoyable one. When everyone else was saying no these guys made it happen! The service was exceptional and the rates better than everyone else by far! I would recommend iRefi to anyone!... read more

    Ben Cook Avatar
    Ben Cook

    Dealt with Blandon and Yang and they were awesome, great communication and sorted everything in the background. They assessed my situation and suggested the best combo for me. Thanks for the hassle-free service.

    Michael Chan Avatar
    Michael Chan
  • Blandon has been my mortgage broker for 2 years now, but this time Dylan arranged the roll over of my mortgage and a top up.
    So it took a little time, but we got a very good rate from the bank and it was...
    read more

    Lorraine Lee Avatar
    Lorraine Lee

    Incredible experience with iRefi on both my mortgage and insurances. Both teams had excellent communication and quite simply did not give up until the job was over the line to the best possible outcome. Highly reccomended.
    Much Appreciated Blandon and Pooja

    Rob Donnelly Avatar
    Rob Donnelly

    Hi Irefi on behalf of the Tulaga family i would like to thank Blandon and the team from Irefi.
    where so happy and looking forward to doing business in the future.
    everything went smoothly and i would highly recommend anyone whos looking for a mortagage broker...
    read more

    Amituana'i Fatu Tulaga Avatar
    Amituana'i Fatu Tulaga
  • Thanks Blandon for the initial assessment on our property portfolio. From the wizard software, email phone communication, through to accounting assistance it was very fast and efficient. Highly recommended.

    TIto Tan Avatar
    TIto Tan

    Thanks Blandon for the application review. Very helpful and discussed the different options available in detail. Blandon was generous with his time, was not pushy and did not try to sell me anything. Look forward to working with IRefi once I find the next property ?

    Angus Murray Avatar
    Angus Murray

    IRefi delivered past our expectations with the deal they presented us. We are incredibly happy with our new bank and the smooth process to switch. Looking forward to dealing with Blandon and co again in the future!!

    Trina Kitchen Avatar
    Trina Kitchen
  • Wasn’t getting any progress with the bank myself so branched out to IRefi on a friend’s recommendation - Both Blandon and Zhiyang were super efficient and got me the best result possible within the week. Cannot recommend IRefi enough.

    Sally Ding Avatar
    Sally Ding

    I happened to chance upon iRefi when I answered my sisters phone one day while she was driving... Blandon introduced himself then asked me if I had a mortgage. He then proceeded to ask for my email address as he wanted to send some information... read more

    BenandJackie Bishop Avatar
    BenandJackie Bishop

    We had been loyal to one bank for over 15 years. Thanks to Nitin, Blandon and the team at iRefi, we switched mortgage lender and made significant savings. Wish we’d done this sooner.

    Aneel Monie Avatar
    Aneel Monie
  • I was recommended iRefi by a friend and I found them very helpful! Thank you Yang and Blandon for making the process smooth and easy, you were both great to work with :)

    Min Lee Ting Avatar
    Min Lee Ting

    Great team. Open and honest consultative approach. Blandon showed a lot of patience explaining the whole home purchasing process to my wife and I as first home buyers. Really enjoyed working with him and will recommend him to anyone I know looking to buy a... read more

    Nick Foley Avatar
    Nick Foley

    Would highly recommend irefi. Young, smart and professional brokers. Blandon has helped myself and members of my family purchase first homes, and recently Dylan was great in following up re-financing of a fixed term interest rate.

    Elim Chan Avatar
    Elim Chan
  • Despite the banks getting super tough due to new rules and regulations Blandon never gave up and in the end got me the best deal ever, and on top of that the largest cash back my solicitor had ever seen as well! Thanks Blandon and... read more

    Benjamin Kwan Avatar
    Benjamin Kwan

    Highly recommended. I switched to using irefi after learning they are able to get me a lower rate than my ex broker could offer me. The process was extremely simple and fast. Everything was done online on their website (you can save changes if not... read more

    Francis Wong Avatar
    Francis Wong

    Blandon and his team were able to do the almost impossible for us - very professional and capable team. Would whole heartedly recommend iRefi to anyone who is looking to purchase a property! 5 stars.

    Isaac Ko Avatar
    Isaac Ko
  • Blandon Leung and Dylan Brooks totally took the mystery out of securing the best possible mortgage rates and structure.
    Blandon understood our financial position and goals with ease and was very quickly able to advise the optimal way forward. Saves my wife and I so...
    read more

    Greg Rogan Avatar
    Greg Rogan

    Blandon and the team at IRefi provided patient and professional advice when I needed to refinance my home loan.
    Thank you for the awesome work!

    Charles Chan Avatar
    Charles Chan

    Highly recommend the team at Irefi. Have used their services for a few years, best decision ever. Decided to use them when I had difficultly securing a decent rate when it came to re-financing. Blandon was able to secure a much lower rate at another... read more

    Hong Chang Avatar
    Hong Chang
  • We recently refinanced our mortgage through iRefi and it was smooth and effortless. Blandon took us through the whole process and explained everything patiently and advised us on different aspects of what we should consider (splitting packages etc). We managed to acquire a really great... read more

    Sidney Leong Avatar
    Sidney Leong

    After spending lots of time with my bank and not getting a heads up for more investment opportunities I gave Irefi a call and within minutes was deciding to let them roll with my financial troubles. Needless to say that they got me straight on... read more

    Rob Zipfel Avatar
    Rob Zipfel

    The best finance experience I have ever DONE.
    Very efficient system and awesome guys help me got my first investment property. Blandon is a hard working young man who can trust. I do will introduce my friends and relatives comes to him. Fabulous!!!

    Vivian Wang Avatar
    Vivian Wang
  • Huge thanks to Dylan and Blandon who got me a great deal when it was time to refix my Mortgage. Brilliant service, good communication and professional advice! :)

    Echo Xu Avatar
    Echo Xu

    Buying a property with no experience is daunting, there are so many things to consider and variables that come into play.
    I started off by asking my own bank, who weren’t as personal and attentive. So I sought out mortgage advice from someone else.
    Blandon from...
    read more

    Gordon Chan Avatar
    Gordon Chan

    Blandon rocks, he is professional and patient. He always get back to my queries in a timely manner, the most importantly, he treats every customer the same no matter the size of the business.

    Wen Fan Avatar
    Wen Fan
  • After a few unsuccessful attempts to get a loan for an investment from the Bank, we contacted IRefi. We met Blandon Leung and together we set a potential budget to invest in a property.
    After a year into the investment, thanks to the fabulous low interest...
    read more

    Gusti Furmanski Avatar
    Gusti Furmanski

    Dylan and Blandon from IReFi got me a really good deal when it was time to refix my Mortgage. Trouble free and the best rates around. Very happy with their service :)

    Steve Judge Avatar
    Steve Judge

    Blandon was excellent in helping us refinance, great advice and above and beyond to make this happen during the holiday period. I fully recommend iRefi and will definitely use them again.

    Bill J Kathagen Avatar
    Bill J Kathagen
  • Actually incredible !! These guys make things happen!! Fast an thorough !! They explain everything in detail an make it an easy process to go through! Special thanks to blandon !! Thanks for helping us into our first home guys! Forever grateful! ☺️

    Ashley Cook Avatar
    Ashley Cook

    Blandon was super helpful with explaining our mortgage options. Being an investor himself, also suggested a couple of other fantastic investment strategies that really cemented and provided that clarity we needed for next steps.

    Michael Ung Avatar
    Michael Ung

    Blandon and Dylon are the real heroes for making dream come true. If you are looking for first home, talk to them (iRefi now mortgagehq). I was struggling to get the loan approved for two years and when I met them, it felt, the process... read more

    Amanpreet Singh Avatar
    Amanpreet Singh
  • Zihang and Ray have been awesome they have completely changed my property portfolio and shown me a heck of a lot in the short time I've been with them Im glad I reached out after watching Blandon on YouTube I'm excited about the future with... read more

    Ant Woon Avatar
    Ant Woon

    Blandon's team is amazing ! Zhiyang and Ray had helped me to get my lending approved when I was stuck with my first broker who said it was impossible. And later Frankie helped me to restructure my loan with a better rate. The entire process... read more

    Vivien Avatar

    This is our second time using mortgagehq, Blandon and team were very helpful providing options and explaining the different loan structure.

    Emma Chen Avatar
    Emma Chen
  • Great and prompt service, very informative and pleasant to work with. We worked with Zihang and Blandon. Thank you guys for your wonderful advice along the way. We couldn't have done it without your expertise and tremendous support to the end.We do highly recommend your... read more

    Bau Williams Avatar
    Bau Williams

    Probably the best and most realistic financial advice we've ever been given. We've also been given a lot of support and strategies that were tailored to our situation. We've already recommended Blandon several times to others because he has shown us opportunities that we didn't... read more

    Samdanae Imran Avatar
    Samdanae Imran

    Blandon offers excellent professional financial advice. His team including Frankie Su are exceptionally responsive and works hard and quickly to get you the best deal. I'm sticking with Them!

    Kim Ng Avatar
    Kim Ng
  • Raise your hand if this process is normally an anxious one! We had our hiccups initially (I suspect it is due to the insane market at the end of 2020) but when crunch time came, Blandon, David Chamberlain, and Yang really pulled through. Thanks everyone!

    Tim Naik Avatar
    Tim Naik

    Highly recommend MortgageHQ - have had both Blandon and Alejandro be incredibly helpful with both setting up the loan and continued maintenance. Thank you team!

    Isaac Ko Avatar
    Isaac Ko

    Awesome guys to deal with. BLANDON not just helps you get your lending but gives you a lot of insight into the market and good investments. Highly recommend these guys!

    Jeten Parboo Avatar
    Jeten Parboo
  • The team at mortgagehq communicates well and are really responsive. Shanel was always available to take my calls and helped expedite the process with the bank. Blandon is very knowledgeable, communicates well and was very patient with me. I particularly liked the video series and... read more

    Anil Patel Avatar
    Anil Patel

    Getting your first mortgage is terrifying, but as soon as you jump on the phone with Blandon it feels like a breeze. He genuinely wanted me to succeed, so I felt completely safe throughout the process. Not to mention great advice!

    Kirsty McLean Avatar
    Kirsty McLean

    We have been with mhq now over 4 years, so great and good people with excellent communication and experience. This is the 2nd refinancing on our mortgage and very impressive service specially from Blandon. Thanks.

    Nadarajah Sutharsan Avatar
    Nadarajah Sutharsan
  • Great and professional services provided by these guys. Blandon, Yang and Ray always provide excellent advices and quick response. Highly recommended.

    Edmond Wu Avatar
    Edmond Wu

    Mr. Zhiyang Cheng from mortgagehq has not only helped me and my husband purchase a great property in an in-demand location, but also made sure we have a great mortgage structure. He is a hard and smart worker who has nothing but genuine passion in... read more

    Angelica Louise Carvajal Avatar
    Angelica Louise Carvajal

    Very professional and competent. Have been with Mortgagehq since last few year and am very pleased to have made the change. Would highly recommend. Blandon and his team provided expert, helpful and quick.

    brian VU Avatar
    brian VU
  • All I can say is wow! These guys are amazing. Both Daniel and Blandon!!!! I was first in contact with Blandon Leung in 2018 when they were called irefi. I was looking at refinancing my mortgage at that stage. He was very knowledgeable, very helpful... read more

    Mel Z Avatar
    Mel Z

    Great service. Went through them when first settling mortgage, now again for renewal. Blandon, Tracie, and Will have been awesome helpful along the way.

    Toby Chen Avatar
    Toby Chen

    Great services provided by the MortgageHQ team! Frankie and Jack provided excellent advise and services for my mortgage restructure. They are also very patient in explaining everything ! Blandon's videos are great to watch too! Highly recommended!

    Patrick Yeung Avatar
    Patrick Yeung
  • Frankie / Blandon, and the team at Mortgage HQ have always been professional, prompt and provided me with the best interest rates for my personal situation.Highly recommended A++

    Ben Cook Avatar
    Ben Cook

    Great and professional services provided by these guys. Blandon, Yang, Ray and Frankie always provide excellent advices and quick response. Highly recommended.

    Edmond Wu Avatar
    Edmond Wu

    Mortgage HQ was recommended to me by someone in the industry. I had never used a mortgage broker before but I had no doubt from the start that I was in the hands of professionals. I cannot recommend Blandon and his team highly enough.

    Glen Smith Avatar
    Glen Smith

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