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"Blandon and his team were able to do the almost impossible for us - very professional and capable team. I whole heartedly recommend mortgagehq to anyone who is looking to purchase a property! 5 stars."
- Isaac Ko

“How is this couple with ordinary jobs in their 30s able to own 6 properties while my own parents are still paying off their first mortgage in their 50s?”

This question sent me on a personal journey discovering the secrets to mortgage management that separate the very successful property investors, from those who retired satisfactorily with their house paid off, or maybe even weren’t ever able to retire.

I found out it simply came down to 2 distinctive differences between them. Firstly, their perception of debt and secondly, how they managed it. When I learned this, it became my passion to share this knowledge. Eventually, I founded mortgagehq with Andrew. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to see it grow to the company it is today and to look back at the thousands of Kiwi families who we have been able to help.

One of the roles of company ownership that I enjoy and take very seriously is establishing a set of values and principles which we use to guide our decision making and hiring.

At mortgagehq we aim to:

1. Share great financial concepts in their simplest form.

2. Allow Kiwis to get the most value on their mortgages.

3. Put our customers’ interests first.

4. Provide a great online experience for our customers.

When I am not planning mortgages, you can find me travelling with my wife, at church, boxing, gaming or learning how to produce videos.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Blandon and his team got us a fantastic loan. Exactly what we wanted, no hassles despite being a challenging applicationWould very highly recommend without hesitation, we will be repeat customers

scott crowe Avatar
scott crowe

Frankie / Blandon, and the team at Mortgage HQ have always been professional, prompt and provided me with the best interest rates for my personal situation.Highly recommended A++

Ben Cook Avatar
Ben Cook

Great and professional services provided by these guys. Blandon, Yang, Ray and Frankie always provide excellent advices and quick response. Highly recommended.

Edmond Wu Avatar
Edmond Wu

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