How to PAY OFF YOUR MORTGAGE in 7 Years.

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Repayment Planner

During the masterclass Blandon discusses a repayment planner - you get your own copy of this calculator spreadsheet.

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Downloadable PDF slide deck for your revision and study.

Homeowners get overwhelmed when they have a 30 year mortgage hanging over their head and no plan on how to pay it off significantly faster than that. We have a plan you can follow or modify to suit your goals. 

Your aim while in stage 1 is to reduce your mortgage as fast as possible. This then creates two options for you.

  1. Either continue paying it down with your income.
  2. Recycle your home’s equity and start building your investment portfolio which can pay your mortgage off for you.

Build your Get Mortgage-Free In 7 Years Plan. Restructure your mortgage to pay it off in less than half the time and create the opportunity to become a successful property investor along the way.

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Most people dream of becoming mortgage-free, but very few actually make it. With this masterclass, you can be the exception, learn how others are becoming mortgage-free in less than 7-years. Start your journey to mortgage freedom with confidence.

Meet your instructor - Blandon Leung

Blandon Leung is a co-founder and director of mortgagehq. There are 3 things that he loves — properties, numbers, and helping people. Named NZ Top Adviser, by NZ Adviser in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Since 2015, Blandon and mortgagehq made it their mission to educate and help homeowners accelerate their mortgage-free journey. Blandon has personally worked with hundreds of homeowners ranging from single mums buying their second property to super-investors with 30+ properties. He believes mortgage should not be a burden for families but instead should be managed and used properly as a powerful tool to create wealth and financial freedom.