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2021 Awards

Although 2021 has been a hard year for many around the world, we are pleased to have continued providing award-winning service for clients under the stresses of transitioning from working at home and back to the office and everything that entails.

It is exciting to have been recognised for this hard work in a number of ways!

Blandon, David, Daniel and Zhiyang were all individually awarded ‘Top Adviser Status’ by NZ Adviser for the volume of work done for clients during the 2020-2021 Financial year.

Clients have now given us 262 reviews via google with mortgagehq reviews averaging 4.9 stars.

Top Reviews run by David Scott has included us in their top 9 Auckland Mortgage brokers list.

Top Reviews is run by a team of writers and reviewers, they strive to discover and review the best of every experience in NZ from home loans to washing machines. You can click through to see their in-depth rating guide.

Moneyhub has placed us in their list of Top 3 Trusted Auckland Mortgage Brokers. Note we have to pay to be published on their site.


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The Mortgage Lifecycle will guide your mortgage and property investment decisions. We created this model so clients know what to focus on at each stage of their journey to ture financial independence. What stage are you at right now?

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