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“My property investment journey started in 2009 and I have dealt with a few mortgage brokers which I then found were ok, until I got Blandon to help a couple of years ago.

Blandon is absolutely different from my previous mortgage brokers by understanding my situation and my goals, being creative with solutions, and valuable advice offered as he is an active investor and business owner himself.

He has helped me achieved results in both property and business. I have no hesitation in recommending his workshop.”



“I highly recommend Blandon Leung. Having worked in the real estate industry for many years I’ve been lucky enough to have great relationships with a variety of mortgage brokers and bank managers.

That said of recent times when it’s come to my own investment portfolio I’ve chosen Blandon. Why? Because of his creativity and depth of understanding. He has an amazing ability to synthesize my goals with his industry knowledge to help me come up with a way to move forward.

If you’re looking to build your investment portfolio – Blandon will be a great guide for you.”