We created this model to structure our education. Learn the typical pathway kiwis take to build their financial independence, identify your stage and what you should focus on now.

Watch and read from 100s of articles and videos covering topics such as ‘beginner mistakes to avoid’, ‘interest-only mortgages explained’, and much more.

All 3 stages in the mortgage lifecycle have a masterclass to unpack exactly where you are, what options you have now, and what strategies you should implement today.

Step by step instruction on how to build your portfolio. An extensive course with over 90 easy to digest videos, spreadsheet calculators, and access to an exclusive online community.

The first principles of the Property Formula Workshop over a 7-day sprint. If you are on the fence about the property formula workshop – start here. 

$80,000 of Rental Income

Learn How to Build $80,000 of Rental Income in 5 Years, with our Stage 2 Masterclass. Results vary and you should have $100,000 of usable equity before entering stage 2.