Rules, strategies and tactics of the property investing game revealed.

Has anyone ever revealed the rules and tricks of property investing to you? Have you ever seen how property investors create $500,000+ of profit from single property purchase? We can show you the case studies. 

Would you agree?

Enjoy The Free 21 Day Property Investment Course. 

If you agree, you have an idea to build wealth via property investment.

Your journey to financial freedom will typically follow a path consisting of 3 stages.
Some people are 100% happy to stay in stage 1, others want to push forward and grow their passive income to finally be financially free without having to work. 
Mortgage Lifecycle Stage 1: Reduction
Stage entry: buying your first property.
Main goal: getting your home mortgage-free quickly, often in 10yr or less.
Mortgage Lifecycle Stage 2: Expansion
Stage entry: built up over $100,000 of available equity.
Main goal: refine your strategy for recycling equity, repeat, repeat, repeat…
Mortgage Lifecycle Stage 3: Optimisation
Stage entry: $2,000,000 of equity across a portfolio.
Main goal: increase passive income, minimise time requirements, orchestrate big wins.
Do you want to be included in the small percentage of people that own 3 or more properties? These are the people who have real financial freedom who build passive income and retire without having to worry too much about money.
From their conversations with over 5,000 property investors, Andrew and Blandon have consolidated case studies, educational articles, videos and more into a free 21-day email course. This is the knowledge ‘average’ kiwis are using to build equity, generate income and ultimately achieve their financial dreams.

Hear from an expert for 3 weeks.

Some Of  The Tips and Lessons You Will Learn Over The Next 21 Days…

  1. The 3 Most Important Criteria When Investing in Property
  2. The 2 Hidden Criteria For Successful Property Investing
  3. What does a successful property investment look like? 
  4. The BRRRR Method – Property Investing made Simple 
  5. House Hacking, Minor Dwellings, Home and Income and more
  6. How can you build up your deposit if you do not have enough cash or equity? 
  7. Fishing NOT Hunting. Avoiding failure and mistakes with property investment
  8. How To Understand and Utilize Your Position For Maximum Results
  9. Where to buy – a focus on yields; net and gross
  10. What investment property to buy and how to decide
  11. How To Buy A Property
  12. ‘Why’ to buy your first/next investment property
  13. The ‘complicated’ property investment elements of tax, IO loans, etc
  14. The ‘complicated’ property investment elements of tax, IO loans, and the legal aspect
  15. How do the property investing experts build a larger portfolio 
  16. Exit strategies before you sell a property and the pro vs con of cross security 
  17. Should you bother with a pre-approval or not? 
  18. The daily habits of successful property investors to find the ‘perfect’ property 
  19. Understanding all the mortgage products and tricks on how to use them 
  20. The ‘BEST’ mortgage structure for you 
  21. How do I avoid risk? You are not alone – enlist others to help – the A-Team

Enjoy The Free 21 Day Property Investment Course. 

In an effort to share as much information with you as possible. We are also hosting online events where you can watch and learn, then book a call to ask any questions you have – check the first email in the series for information on where to sign up. 

We will take you through key concepts, ensuring you understand them and are positioned to implement them. Just like over 5,000 other people we have already helped review their situation and build their plan.


“Blandon was super helpful in explaining our mortgage options. Being an investor himself, he also suggested a couple of other fantastic investment strategies that really cemented and provided that clarity we needed for the next steps.” 

Michael Ung (5 Star Facebook Review – 22 June 2020)

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