Want your mortgage to disappear?

How to use tools and bank products to pay your mortgage off faster.

The ultimate goal we help clients achieve is to become financially independent. This means you can provide options for your family, and creates the ability for you to retire young. 

You can do that by getting mortgage free as fast as possible while building a property investment portfolio.

This 60-minute online masterclass teaches mortgaged home owners the first steps to take on their journey. 

From here we have other education products and advisors to continue helping you towards your ultimate goal. But start here.

Included in this Masterclass

Instant Access

24/7 access on our membership website. Pause, replay, rewatch. This is not a webinar sales pitch.

Repayment Planner

During the masterclass Blandon discusses a repayment planner - you get your own copy of this calculator spreadsheet.

Condensed Slide Deck

Downloadable PDF slide deck for your revision and study.

Learn how to pay off your home mortgage off faster, allowing you to recycle equity into an investment property and get mortgage free

Remove uncertainty and doubts, master your mortgage today.

  • Step by step mortgage structure advice
  • Learn how to structure your mortgage for your immediate goal
  • Protect your cash flow commitments while increasing repayments
  • What mortgage structures should you implement
  • How to pay down your debt faster
  • What products you should have
  • Get the tools to plan for your future
  • Get information to plan for your future
  • How are others leveraging their personal home to start investing and get mortgage free in 7 years