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Want to make money out of property?

One of the major differences separating the wealthiest 20% of kiwis from the bottom 60%. Is that the rich understand the power of property investments. A full 30% of them own property other than their home! Whereas the 60% least wealthy… only 7% of them are investing in property other than their home.

But. You can lose money investing in real estate.

If your daddy set you up with a trust fund, it is not too big a deal if you lose money on your first investment or two as you figure things out.

Did your parents give you a slush fund?
Mine didn’t. So we need to get it right. First time.

At iRefi our Advisers are working with property, banks, mortgages and millions of dollars of lending. It is our 9-5, we do it everyday.

We help people just like you get it right the first time.

How am I certain we help people just like you? Because we’ve helped 1000s of kiwis… And although your situation is unique, it will have similarities to others.

As we help kiwis, we develop tools.

  • You can have powerful spreadsheets. 
  • You can have yield calculators. 
  • You can have portfolio planning tools.
  • Dylan has helped immensely and is always willing to talk things over, explaining different options to find the best fit, no hesitation whatsoever in recommending iRefi

    Darin McMurchy Avatar
    Darin McMurchy
  • Jeremy and the team at iRefi makes everything quick and easy. Our mortgage renewal/rollover is just one email away. They quickly respond to our queries/email for assistance. Everything's a breeze. We highly recommend them for anything you need with your mortgages.

    Divine Grace Banzon Avatar
    Divine Grace Banzon
  • I've tried to be my own mortgage broker in the past and have always found that IRefi have gotten me a lower interest rate than what I could negotiate on my own. Have used them for 2 years running now when refixing rates. Solid advice... read more

    JWD D Avatar
    JWD D
  • We had a wonderful experience with iRefi Mortgages. They were able to help us where banks and other refinancing places couldn't. Highly recommended.

    Jacobs vlogzz Avatar
    Jacobs vlogzz
  • Nitin from iRefi helped my husband and I to get our family home. We are so impressed with how hard he worked in finding us the best rate and just making sure things were working smoothly with clear communications throughout this journey. I ... read more

    Bindhu Louis Avatar
    Bindhu Louis
  • Jack was quick to action things and provided the required information to make it easy to re-fixing our mortgage again. He made it easy for me and kept me informed via text message along the way!

    Biren Patel Avatar
    Biren Patel
  • Nitin has been an absolute star - made our very first mortgage process very easy. He made sure we understood the entire process and got us a great deal in our mortgage. I would be more than happy to work with and recommend Nitin and... read more

    Akshay Sud Avatar
    Akshay Sud
  • I have had the most positive experience with IRefi, in particular with Jack Dray. He is always very efficient, super helpful and nothing is too much bother.I can't recommend him enoughThank you for everything you have done for us.

    Jennifer France Avatar
    Jennifer France
  • I've been with iRefi for a couple of years now and I've always got a great service. I like not to worry to go and shop around for the best mortgage rate. They do it all for me. Then they present me the alternative, we... read more

    Enny Benzonelli Avatar
    Enny Benzonelli
  • Dealt with Jack. Super response to emails. Secured some great rates for us. Happy to keep using iRefi...cheers fellas!!

    jenksand Avatar
  • I have to admit to being fairly skeptical of mortgage brokers before using your service, but after going through the process I'm very sure we couldnt have received a better deal without David’s advice and expertise along the way, the lightning fast responses... read more

    Andrew Johnson Avatar
    Andrew Johnson
  • Prompt efficient communication. It was great working with Zhiyang, Blandon & Ray in finding a way to restructure our Mortgage. Will defiantly recommend.

    Chenny Chen Avatar
    Chenny Chen
  • IRefi are the people to deal with if you know nothing about finance (like me) but have a feeling you should have your money working harder for you! Dylan was fantastic (and very, very patient) answering all of my questions until I understood how... read more

    Lisa Christie Avatar
    Lisa Christie
  • Jeremy Grey from iRefi has been absolutely outstanding, providing a fantastic service during a protracted and complicated mortgage solution. His calm, confident approach was invaluable and was easily contactable throughout the whole process. I highly recommend iRefi and would definitely engage them again should... read more

    Julia Fagan Avatar
    Julia Fagan
  • They made re-fixing our mortgage easy. We now have a goal in place to work towards and we can’t wait until the team at iRefi help us with the next step.

    stephanie havea Avatar
    stephanie havea
  • I worked with Jeremy from Irefl twice and I would recommend to all my friends to use Irefl.They are amazing and skilled and goes extra miles in supporting you in all phases of your loan refinance with thoroughly explaining and restructuring loan to suit your... read more

    Reddy4u1000 Avatar
  • We have had a great experience with the team at iRefi. They are very helpful and knowledgeable, thanks to them we have managed to secure better mortgage rates then dealing with the bank directly!

    Dana Ruediger Avatar
    Dana Ruediger
  • iRefi provided an excellent service. They were very friendly and professional. They listened to what we wanted and did everything they could to help achieve it. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Russell Page-Wood Avatar
    Russell Page-Wood
  • Very helpful, professional and onto it. I don't have to stress about it... they will take care of it. Thank you iRefi

    Revolution Chiropractic Avatar
    Revolution Chiropractic
  • We engaged with iRefi's service in April this year. iRefi is very knowledgeable with different banks' position and knowing how to find the best deal for us. iRefi made sure we got the best terms and conditions not just cashback and interest rates. Would recommend... read more

    Yu-An Chen Avatar
    Yu-An Chen

These tools transform average (median, mediocre, middling) homeowners into powerful property investors.

If all that these tools do is save you from one bad investment. It will be worth thousands of dollars to you.

At iRefi our team loves education, real life education, university education, online courses, watching videos and reading books.

We love nothing more than educating and helping others.

So we don’t charge you for these tools.

For you. These tools are 100% free. So go right ahead and get the toolkit… just click that red button.

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Let’s get you building wealth through property,
like the richest people in New Zealand, with 5 steps!

Download these free tools we developed.
Rental Yield Calculator
Portfolio Planner
I am going to send you six emails explaining all of the basics, to make sure you have a solid foundation.
Let’s initially assess your borrowing power using our online Mortgage Snapshot. Then we can either make you a plan to purchase or to increase your borrowing power.
Application. We protect you from the bank’s antiquated paper forms. FIll out our detailed mortgage application online, from here we can do two things. 1, finalise your borrowing power at a specific bank that will work the best with your situation. 2, when you’re ready we automagically create your application for the bank.
Plan the next property.

Dream bigger. mortgaghq will get you there.

Our team

Why choose mortgagehq? the people. 

NZ's leading mortgage calculator

Discover your options in 90-seconds

The 90 second mortgage snapshot will calculate your borrowing poweravailable equity, servicing ability, refix and refinance options plus more!

Over 30,000 Kiwis have already benefitted from the insights. 

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After four successful years,
iRefi has outgrown its brand. 

What started as a fledgling mortgage brokerage focused on helping kiwis refinance mortgages has matured into a highly driven company hunting pragmatic results for clients and stakeholders, then guiding them down the pathway to property goals.

mortgage hq logo

It is time for a new brand.

A brand that better represents who we are and who we are striving to become over the next five years.


Frank. Engage in open and honest conversations, broach tough subjects and always admit when you don’t have the answer.

Ownership.  When trusted with a task or client, take full ownership, refuse to blame others or circumstances.

Resourceful. Use all available resources to find clients the best outcome possible.

Real talk, real results.