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We are proud to have been featured on a number of important New Zealand real estate, property and news websites. Some articles have written about us, some articles feature Andrew Malcolm’s contributions via interview and other articles were written by us. 

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24/7 access on our membership website. Pause, replay, rewatch. This is not a webinar sales pitch.

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During the masterclass Ali discusses a Mojo Map - you get your own copy of this Mojo Map spreadsheet.

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Unlock your growth and make your money work for you.

Meet your instructor -Ali Al Bazzaz

Ali Al Bazzaz is a shareholder and financial adviser of wealthhq. Ali genuinely loves helping and supporting people, both his clients and his co-workers, this has led to Ali not only being a Financial Adviser but our New Business Mentor, working with our team of advisers to help them deliver outstanding service, advice and support to our clients.

Getting into your first property can be stressful as you learn all the finance and legal terms that create a lot of confusion. We’ve been there, buying your first house can be a long drawn out nightmare. Our mission is to help you navigate the savings process and accelerate your pathway into home ownership. Our mission does not end there because we don’t only want you to get ahead financially through home ownership but we also want you to be protected from life’s unfortunate events.

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Most people dream of getting into that first home a lot sooner, but very few actually achieve it. With this masterclass, you can be the exception, learn how others are getting into that first home sooner. Start your journey with confidence.

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  • Do you want to buy a home?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed by how little you knew about your financial situation?
  • Have you ever felt frustrated at the end of the month when you check you bank account?
  • Ever feel like you earn a decent income and should’ve been able to buy a house by now?
  • Ever thought “I’ll never be able to own a home”?
  • Ever wished you could turn back time to put yourself in a better position today?


You do not need to be 100% ready to purchase a property. We will not push you away because you don’t have a deposit saved and all your t’s crossed, and i’s dotted.

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