Matthew Willoughby

Senior Mortgage Adviser

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"Matt knows his stuff! Great mind, awesome advice, knows what you need and what can benefit you on the long run. 5 star service 💯 easy to work with, not judgmental, very understanding and VERY efficient. Matt and his team took all our stress and worries away..."
- Veronica Salua

Matt joined the Financial Services industry in 2013, working with a top Auckland Financial Services Firm and learning the ropes from a team of experienced advisers.  In 2016 he started his own venture which grew successfully.  Fast forward to 2021 and he joined forces with mortgagehq.

Matt has extensive experience and a deep understanding of all things mortgage, insurance, ACC, KiwiSaver. Best of all he has a huge passion for helping people get ahead and achieve more.

Outside of work, Matt is a doting husband and father to his wife Midi and children Madelyn and Asher. When he isn’t spending his time at work or with his family he enjoys spending time on the track – he is a big car enthusiast.

His desire to provide a comfortable life for his family led to him investing in property himself. Starting at 26 years old he bought his first home and in the same year purchased his first investment property. Since then he has purchased other investments, renovated some, held some, sold some and is currently doing a 3 lot subdivision.

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