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022 172 6800

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Bachelor of Commerce: Finance & Economics
NZ Adviser | Young Guns 2020 Award Winner
Financial Adviser: FSP613029
“I highly recommend David Chamberlain and the team at mortgagehq! David sorted some unbelievably great rates for our home loan with Kiwibank, nothing was a problem. Brilliant service from start to finish too.”
Mandy Caldwell

A mortgage is an “ordinary every day” thing for a lot of people, and a lot of people have mortgages. But a huge proportion of them have quite poor financial understanding. I greatly enjoy the conversations where I am asking questions and people begin to click, where they begin to see and understand concepts like interest rate averaging, why to include a revolving credit and how to structure their next mortgage.

Before coming to mortgagehq I worked at a bank originally in an accounting role and then in the financial markets team, managing foreign exchange risk for businesses – I found the bank disheartening. Especially the sales nature of my role where I would literally give people the worst FX deal they could get unless they specifically asked for a competitive rate. I looked for a new finance role where I would enjoy the people and the 9-5, and where there was a customer-first culture. I was eventually referred to mortgagehq where I am now a senior mortgage adviser.

There have been a huge variety of experiences which shape who I am today, ranging from infantryman to ACC carer to banker. I graduated with a finance degree from the University of Otago after originally studying maths and accounting but switching to ensure I didn’t get trapped in a single path career of an accountant.

I wasn’t driven specifically to a Mortgage Adviser role, being primarily motivated by working at mortgagehq, but discovered the passion grew as I started here. I was initially attracted by the calibre and quality of my colleagues. What I discovered when I researched the company was a culture of helping clients and taking a long term view, which stuck out as a win-win for everyone. I love that I don’t have to price things, but am able to transparently push and negotiate with the banks to get you the best deal possible. I love that I work for my customers and you don’t even need to pay me, the bank does, so I don’t feel like I ever need to ‘sell anything’.

Clients get a huge win by working with us – they get independent advice about which bank they should use. And it could be based on pricing, or pushing the boundaries in certain areas like borrowing capacity or credit history. Which bank or lender you are with can make a very big difference. We saved a client 12 years on a mortgage.

They were on a 30-year term with a 2nd tier lender, thinking they were unable to refinance to a main bank. They went from an 8% interest rate to 3.99%. They had ended up in this situation because he was working on boats in international waters which means no tax is being paid on his income. This was a big stumbling block for the four major banks, and why their previous mortgage adviser had settled them with Avanti. However, because we are one of the few advisers accredited to sell Kiwibank products we were able to get them back to a bank. My colleague Madhav had started with this client, but he had to go to India for a family trip to scatter his grandad’s ashes. So I got the satisfaction of picking up this client and delivering a fantastic result.

I think there is a lack of schooling around the financial industry, but the major mechanics of a mortgage are relatively simple. There are four key factors: 1) the interest rate, 2) the type of product, 3) the term for the interest rate, and 4) the term for the loan. The loan term and payments move together, a 30-year term will have lower repayments or you can decrease the term and increase repayments reducing the total interest paid.

I enjoy meeting with customers face to face, and am able to explain these concepts with a few diagrams and a conversation so get in touch and let’s catch up to work out how to achieve your goals by managing your mortgage intelligently.

  • I have to admit to being fairly skeptical of mortgage brokers before using your service, but after going through the process I'm very sure we couldnt have received a better deal without David’s advice and expertise along the way, the lightning fast responses... read more

    Andrew Johnson Avatar
    Andrew Johnson

    I highly recommend David and the team at iRefi! David sorted some unbelievably great rates for our home loan with Kiwibank, nothing was a problem. Brilliant service from start to finish.

    Mandy Caldwell Avatar
    Mandy Caldwell

    David Chamberlain and the team were all extremely helpful, answering all of my questions patiently and simply made the process so easy - I'm not sure how I could have got a mortgage without them!

    Milly Jennings Avatar
    Milly Jennings
  • I can't recommend David Chamberlain and iRefi highly enough, 5 stars really don't do them justice.
    David worked so hard on securing the best possible mortgage finance. He made the entire process effortless, and maintained a high level of professionalism and customer care throughout.
    read more

    Ax Ax Avatar
    Ax Ax

    I highly recommend David Chamberlain and the team at iRefi! David sorted some unbelievably great rates for our home loan with Kiwibank, nothing was a problem. Brilliant service from start to finish too ?

    Mandy Caldwell Avatar
    Mandy Caldwell

    Worked with David Chamberlain from Oct-2018 that we had our first phone call. I bought my first house in April and got the premium interest rate on the bigger part of my loan, a discounted rate on the revolving facility and cash back. This has... read more

    Sebastián Cabeza Avatar
    Sebastián Cabeza
  • Highly Recommend IRefi! Throughout they provided us excellent and fast customer service and communications. They simply made the process easy and they were so helpful in giving us guidance to tailor the mortgage our needs.David Chamberlain from IRefi is an awesome kind and very friendly... read more

    Isuru Shaminda Withanage Avatar
    Isuru Shaminda Withanage

    I highly recommend Irefi, great service, very professional experienced team with great turnaround timelines. I received an excellent outcome, working with Madhav and when he was on annual leave David.
    I received years off my mortgage and a great cash incentive to celebrate with.
    My past...
    read more

    Rob Hetaraka Avatar
    Rob Hetaraka

    I highly recommend iRefi, not only did they help us get some great rates and cash back they helped us figure out the best way to approach things. They have provided me with so much advice and upskilled my knowledge that now I think differently... read more

    Kirsty Anthony Avatar
    Kirsty Anthony
  • David was great to deal with helped my wife and I restructure our mortgage and secured great rates quickly for us. Highly recommend and will be using iRefi moving forward. Cheers again David

    David Wilkinson Avatar
    David Wilkinson

    My husband and I were very impressed with David at iRefi. Not only was he a pleasure to communicate with, he was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and made setting up a mortgage super easy. I do not hesitate in recommending this awesome company for all your... read more

    Carla Maria Elford Avatar
    Carla Maria Elford

    I came across IRefi website I think on FB early 2017. Got in touch with them and spoke with David Chamberlain. He is a breadth of fresh air, enthusiastic, always ready to help, take calls at anytime, prompt email responses. I have dealt with David... read more

    Behula Manan Avatar
    Behula Manan
  • Had a great experience working with iRefi sorting out a new mortgage structure. My wife and I are both self employed which often makes life difficult with the banks but David went above and beyond to get us sorted. Would recommend IRefi - Online Mortgage... read more

    Brett Tomes Avatar
    Brett Tomes

    Initially, I was sceptical about dealing with a mortgage broker, but after my initial conversation with David Chamberlain I knew I was in good hands. David was extremely professional and was always happy to take my myriad of phone calls and questions. He consistently offered... read more

    Ryan Nikolas Avatar
    Ryan Nikolas

    We worked with David Chamberlain on the purchase of our home and he was awesome. Great communication and we secured a great deal. Totally recommend irefi!

    Kelly Maguire Winter Avatar
    Kelly Maguire Winter
  • David has been great to work with. He responded quickly to emails and was very capable
    of giving us clear answers and guidance how to deal with our situation. He kept us informed
    every step of the way and this resulted in a great outcome, we...
    read more

    Toos Grootscholten Avatar
    Toos Grootscholten

    I highly recommend IRefi to anyone looking at refinancing. I had the pleasure of dealing with David Chamberlain and it was great to talk to someone who didn't pressure me in anyway to work with him. He simply explained all my options to... read more

    Vicki Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Vicki Kirkpatrick

    First home buyers - iRefi was the difference in us being able to afford our first home and being not quite ready. Having dealt with a number of other mortgage brokers from widely used agencies, we felt the difference at once - these guys are... read more

    Jasmine Mok Avatar
    Jasmine Mok
  • I cannot recommend these guys enough. David C has provided enormous amounts of ongoing support to us for several years, and has painstakingly worked with us to sort a difficult loan that seemed impossible to achieve. Thanks iRefi, we thank you wholeheartedly, and... read more

    Louise Woollett Ratcliffe Avatar
    Louise Woollett Ratcliffe

    I found David to be extremely reactive to our challenging application. Being self employed in a relatively new business made this application difficult for the banks from the outset, but David showed considerable negotiation skill with the bank to get it over the line and... read more

    Dan Shaw Avatar
    Dan Shaw

    I chanced upon iRefi's website while browsing for a mortgage broker in early 2017 to help sort out the finance for my new build. I entered my details on the website and Andrew called me in under 10 mins! As I was only due for... read more

    Edwin Ng Avatar
    Edwin Ng
  • Massive advocate of the guys at iRefi. David and Dan especially, huge appreciate to you both for your efforts. Never a problem making time to come and meet us, always had the information we needed ready and were super quick delivering.
    read more

    Daniel Whittaker Avatar
    Daniel Whittaker

    Thanks to David for all of his hard work getting an impossible deal across the line. After numerous applications and trying different angles he finally got it approved! I highly recommend David and the team!

    Tiff Heathfield Avatar
    Tiff Heathfield

    David was thorough and committed to assisting us. He was genuine and happy to take the time to explain our options in a manner that could be easily understood. We were looking for something particular and these expectations were met exactly. Would recommend! Thanks guys!

    Phoebe Richardson Avatar
    Phoebe Richardson
  • I was extremely impressed by the support I received from iRefi. David Chamberlain, in particular, provided me with continuous assistance over a number of weeks whilst I was attempting to refinance my mortgages and purchase another rental property. Despite the complexities we encountered along the... read more

    Jeremy Smith Avatar
    Jeremy Smith

    We’ve just bought a property off the plans with David’s help in securing our finance and we honestly would not have got there without his advice and guidance. He’s been patient with us, listened to our long term goals, been generous with his time, and... read more

    Samuel Ponniah Avatar
    Samuel Ponniah

    I would like to thank David and his team from mortgagehq for their service and professionalism helping us with our mortgage pre approval. Thank you David for your patience and understanding while it took us a few months to find the perfect property. Thank you... read more

    Glen Hindley Avatar
    Glen Hindley
  • We had a great experience working with David Chamberlain from Mortgagehq! He demystified a process that we had no experience with, helping us secure our first home. The process was smooth, stress free, and we got a great rate. We really appreciate... read more

    Bernadette Fisk Avatar
    Bernadette Fisk

    “I can’t thank the mortgage group enough for helping me buy my property in after being let down at the last minute by one mortgage adviser David worked tirelessly to secure me a mortgage and he kept me informed of what was happening... read more

    Anita Devi Prasad Avatar
    Anita Devi Prasad

    Nothing was too difficult for David and Shanel. Supported me through the preapproval process all the way through to settlement (well over a year). Always willing to go the extra mile. Thank you guys!

    Tate Evans Avatar
    Tate Evans
  • I would like to sincerely thank David Chamberlain and Fraser at mortgagehq for assisting us on our new property purchase..

    Sudesh Goundar Avatar
    Sudesh Goundar

    David made the whole refi process easy and provided great assistance to our complex situation. David was friendly and my partner and I greatly appreciated the high level of communication throughout from both him and Shanel. I will be recommending David and team and will... read more

    Meg HURRELL Avatar

    Raise your hand if this process is normally an anxious one! We had our hiccups initially (I suspect it is due to the insane market at the end of 2020) but when crunch time came, Blandon, David Chamberlain, and Yang really pulled through. Thanks everyone!

    Tim Naik Avatar
    Tim Naik
  • David was really good working with us, as we were new to this adventure and he was patient and understanding of all our questions and spent time explaining to us our financial position, what opportunities were available and how best to go about our... read more

    Giao Cudrakova Avatar
    Giao Cudrakova

    We’ve been working with David on our last two purchases, he’s so much more than a mortgage broker! A property adviser, connector and mentor. Great content and help from MHQ, stoked that David and MHQ are on my team! 👊🏼

    Riri Wilson Avatar
    Riri Wilson

    Worked with David for about 12 months on various properties until we found our dream home. The team were fast & responsive, worked constructively with the bank to get a great deal and work through some application complexities and overall a very human approach. No... read more

    Guy Alexander Avatar
    Guy Alexander
  • We required some complicated lending and they were the right people for the job. David secured our mortgage and he had his eye on the ball through the entire process. He was always available to answer our many questions. Highly recommended

    Adora Lindsay Avatar
    Adora Lindsay

    I would highly recommend MortgageHQ and especially David Chamberlain and his colleague Yang. We did not have the easiest application which was further complicated by my partner's residency visa/status along with other properties and LVR's in the mix. A highly approachable team with a pragmatic... read more

    Matthew Franks Avatar
    Matthew Franks
Let’s talk. I would love to help you with your mortgage and property goals -David.

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Senior Adviser & Owner
Financial Adviser FSP304266
Bachelor of Business: Finance & Management
NZ Adviser | Top 5 Award Winner 2018 & 2019 Award Winner
Mortgage Adviser
Financial Adviser FSP558986
Bachelor of Business: Finance & Information Systems
NZ Adviser | Young Guns 2020 Award Winner
Mortgage Adviser
Financial Adviser FSP613029
Bachelor of Commerce: Finance & Economics
NZ Adviser | Young Guns 2020 Award Winner


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