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Introducing mortgagehq

Mortgage advisory company to drop iRefi name for mortgagehq branding.

Official Press Release Download Here.

Nearly five years after launching iRefi Limited will begin trading as mortgagehq. Mortgagehq was originally a spin-off from software startup GetTrail, it is based in East Auckland – you may have seen their branding and ads on the property website.

The managing director of the company Andrew Malcolm said that the company has been considering this branding change as they update internal processes and change their strategic focus to help clients in more substantial ways and be prepared for the rollout of the FAP regime which governs all financial advice businesses. 

The original name iRefi was short for “I refinance” and/or “I refix” and represented their previous positioning which was focusing on negotiating cheap rates and good incentives for clients. The co-founder Blandon Leung, a top 5 mortgage broker in New Zealand as awarded by NZ Adviser, shares that; after five years in business the team learned how cheap rates can shave several years off a mortgage but restructuring debt to help achieve financial goals makes a more significant impact in clients lifestyle and wealth.  

The mortgagehq name solidifies the commitment to being the one team you need to use leverage intelligently to buy your home and invest in properties. 

Interested parties can read the founder’s letter at

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