Award-winning mortgage broker, property investor and business founder reveals:

Stage 2 Masterclass: How to buy 3 properties in 5 years.

Client story: how Hang bought 5 properties in 5 years! Can you guess how much wealth she generated?

Our education promise to you. 

At mortgagehq, we have built a plan for you to follow. It starts at your beginning – wherever you are right now. It ends with you being able to retire from your job and live comfortably from your property investment portfolio. 

Mortgagehq will equip you with three things:

  1. Options analysis: without a clear finance industry understanding of where you are, you won’t be able to make properly informed decisions. 
  2. Structured education that is relevant to your current stage, avoid overwhelm and disappointment by learning what you need to know when you need to know it. 
  3. Quality advice: helping you make high-quality decisions that build wealth and pay off your mortgage. 

Attend the stage 2 masterclass to build your plan and allow you to start taking radical action. 

Remember why you bought your first house? Most likely it’s because you were wanting a home and financial security. The trouble is the vast majority of kiwis get stuck. They get their home and some financial security but then get stuck. Often all my clients need, is for me to explain and demonstrate with a spreadsheet and a few client stories, how if they make one or two decisions differently they could transition from being a home owner to a successful property investor. With a property strategy and a mortgage strategy ensuring they can keep building towards their dream. The fantastic news is we are seeing more and more people get fantastic results in short time frames. 

When you take a step back, re-evaluate your retirement goal you will be able to break down the financial gap between your current position and your goal whether that be cash flow, capital gains or a low-risk safe harbour for your cash. You may have hesitations like:

  • How many properties should I plan on buying? 
  • What should my retirement goal be?
  • I know property strategies, but what is a mortgage strategy?

This is our Stage 2 Masterclass: How To Build Your First $80,000 of Income Through Properties Within 10 years​, it is laser-focused for those of you who have a home or one investment property and around $100,000 of usable equity and are asking those exact questions.

The one-hour masterclass has 3 modules:

  1. Why 3 Properties is the correct first goal. You need goals that will help your future self. 3 properties is the most common goal clients come back to me with after digesting this information, but each person is specific so this won’t necessarily be the goal you come up with. 
  2. How to choose a property strategy. Blandon will introduce you to the property strategy selector matrix. Allowing you to easily visualise the gaps, weaknesses and strengths of your portfolio, before you’ve built it! This is crucial to understand now otherwise you’ll get stuck halfway to your goal. 
  3. Proven property strategies to choose from. Learn the lowdown on 7 unique property strategies that have worked for decades and are still working today.

Some of the examples and case studies discussed:

  • Off the plans house that gained $160,000 of equity before construction.
  • Do up and hold where Blandon was able to instantly recycle 86% of his deposit.
  • Subdivide and build, where Blandon was able to instantly recycle 87% of his deposit. 

It is a 60-minute masterclass and included with your access is:

  • On-demand masterclass access. Watch it now, replay it later, pause it, play it again.
  • Condensed slide deck for revisions.
  • Calculator Spreadsheet: Mortgage Coverage Planner
Buy access for just $17 and join in today.
How to buy 3 properties in 5 years.​

Meet your instructor Blandon Leung

Blandon is not your typical mortgage broker or investment coach. He is just 32, he cofounded mortgagehq in 2015, has won awards for 5 years straight from NZ Adviser, is building a portfolio for his family’s future (including an 8 lot development, plus regional and Auckland properties). 

There are 3 things that he loves — properties, numbers, and helping people. Blandon and mortgagehq made it their mission to educate and help investors build wealth from their portfolio whilst reducing the stress of badly optimised portfolios. 

Blandon has personally worked with hundreds of investors and homeowners ranging from single parents buying their second property to super-investors with 30+ properties. 

He believes mortgages should not be a burden for families but instead should be managed, monitored, and understood so they can be used properly as a powerful leverage tool to create wealth and financial freedom.

Buy access for just $17 and join in today.
How to buy 3 properties in 5 years.​