Are you a homeowner?

Do you dream of getting mortgage-free within 7 years? By creating property investments to create $120,000 of yearly passive income.

The Property Formula Workshop gives you online training, a like-minded community, zoom events, and the tools to systematically scale your property portfolio.

You could get shown exactly how to get there through modern property investing that the banks love.

Whether you are starting with one home or with several properties, this workshop will create a roadmap for your portfolio to reach the next level, blasting through blockages to heights that you never thought possible.

You can get incredible results like past students.

What could happen when you combine your home equity with the Property Formula Workshop?

You can transform from a mortgaged homeowner into a property investor making $10,000+ every month.

Learn To Acquire Above Market Capital Gains And Cash Flow Properties

Truly successful investors aren’t stuck using a single property investment strategy over and over again. They balance capital gains to grow their wealth with cash flow to ensure their lifestyle is improving along the journey. Then they strategically add developments and subdivisions into their portfolio for huge returns.

Map to find undervalue property investment deals

Discover How To Find Better Opportunities Systematically

The key is knowing which opportunities to chase after, and how to secure them. Unfortunately opportunities are often dressed in overalls and disguised as hard work. This makes it hard to identify them and hard to secure them.

After all, everyone in New Zealand knows how much wealth investors have earned for themselves over the past year, let alone the decades before. To secure the right opportunity you have to compete with thousands of successful investors and home purchasers across the country.

Learn How To Identify The Right Deal For You To Keep Growing

The Property Formula Workshop will be like finding a secret property compass that points out the deal you need to make today. The compass even takes into account how this deal will set you up for the deal you need to make tomorrow. Just studying your next deal is how so many investors get stuck. Maybe your portfolio is stuck or stagnating right now?

Compass Representing The Help This Course is to find your next property investment
Photo showing a couple who could buy their dream home after successfully growing their property investing portfolio

Gain Confidence That You are on The Right Path Towards Financial Freedom

As your understanding grows you begin to take greater control over your life – you can filter opportunities to find the right one to take action on. Being sure of the opportunity in front of you allows you to put enough effort into securing an opportunity without being afraid of making a mistake.

If you are struggling to take action on your next investment purchase, due to a lack of knowledge, poorly structured mortgages, a lack of good contacts, or an overwhelm of options – the Property Formula Workshop is what you have been looking for.

Take Rapid Action And Grow Your Property Portfolio Sooner

They say it’s not about timing the market but time in the market. On completion you will be educated, confident and prepared to make bold moves and secure your financial future… whether you want to donate it, drive it, drink it, or build an inheritance for your family. The choice could be yours.

"The Property Formula Workshop is jam packed with solid information. 100% worth every cent as Blandon shares the expansive knowledge he has obtained over the years in this course. Having been involved in property myself for only a few years and having done several property deals I am always looking for ways to continuously improve. This course and community provides exactly that.

I wish that I had known much earlier the importance of the numbers and had access to the vast amount of exercises and spreadsheets he goes through in the course. 10/10 for me and will be recommending to others."
-- JP Tomas.

Learn from Blandon Leung

Blandon is a successful property investor, a co-founder and director of mortgagehq. Awarded as a ‘NZ Top Adviser’ by NZ Adviser in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

There are 3 things that he loves — properties, numbers and helping people!

Blandon has worked with hundreds of investors ranging from single mums buying their second property to super-investors with 30+ properties. He has seen getting the right numbers correct is what truly matters with property investment, hence he designed this course with the sole focus on helping investors get the property maths right using real-life case studies and his personal calculator spreadsheets.

You will receive step by step instruction through each action required to succeed. You get access to the spreadsheet calculators Blandon developed for his personal investing. You will also join a vibrant private community of investors.

You will receive

Exclusive Education

Calculator Spreadsheets

Private Community

When we asked our successful members why they decided to join. We found out there was a common theme.

"Create options for my family and retire early"

If this resonates with you then do not hesitate to apply to join our community!

Only $3,997 or $699 x 6 months.

Your Zero Risk
Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in the value you will receive, that we’re 100% guaranteeing the course.

If you complete the course and think that:

  • Discovering and learning investment strategies and tactics wasn’t worth the investment. (Remember these are the strategies we follow ourselves, and that we see our most successful clients undertaking.
  • Avoiding mistakes to save money and stress wasn’t worth the investment. (Remember how much avoiding one mistake could save you and add in the gains for good investing).

Then request a 100% refund.

If you have any doubts or questions please book an Investment & Education meeting to go over what options would be best for your situation and goals.

Exactly What Exclusive Content Will You Get?

#1 Property Formula Workshop Deal Analysis Library

In addition to the core videos you have access to a library of over 50 deals getting analyzed live. These deals are from the past few years and hold a treasure trove of secrets, tips and tricks.

#2 Property Formula Workshop Core Video Lessons

The workshop contains 94 core video lessons. It was originally designed to be worked through over 8 weeks, but we have found many students binge it over two weekends.

  • Welcome and overview
  • Module 1 — Affirming Your Why and Defining Your What By Numbers
  • Module 2 — 10 Proven Property Strategies To Help You Get There
  • Module 3 — How To Utilize Your Position For Maximum Results (level up)
  • Module 4 — Capital Gain Maths — Exploiting The 9th Wonder Of The World
  • Module 5 — Cash Flow Maths — The KEY Shortcut to Replacing Your Income
  • Module 6 — Capital Improvement Formulas — Identify The Hidden Gems
  • Module 7 — Everything Else You Need To Know To Get Started
  • Module 8 — Putting Knowledge Into Systematic Action Plan — TAKING ACTION
  • FAQ & 3C’s Calculator Step by Step Tutorial

BONUS: All Three of our 60-Minute Masterclasses

  • Stage 1 Masterclass: How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 7 Years Without Increasing Your Repayments.
  • Stage 2 Masterclass: Build Your First $80,000 Net Passive Income Through Property Investing Within 5 Years.
  • Stage 3 Masterclass: How to Stop being Asset Rich but Cash Poor & Unlock Infinite Servicing in 2021.

Exactly What Exclusive Calculators Will You Get?

You may think numbers are difficult to manage. That is okay. When joining you don’t just get theoretical knowledge. We will also equip you with the tools to make it easy to succeed. You receive 4 Spreadsheet Calculators to ensure you get the numbers right every time.

#1 Property Portfolio Builder - Calculator Spreadsheet

Track and calculate your total equity and accessible equity for your next property.

#2 Advanced Borrowing Power Calculator - Spreadsheet

Get behind the scenes knowledge of the formulas used by the banks. Use this knowledge to get an unfair advantage when applying for lending, structuring lending, and choosing what deal to make next.

#3 3C’s Calculator - Spreadsheet

Blandon’s life work and his preferred tool to analyse his personal property investments.

After working with thousands of clients and compiling the most important elements required to analyze a deal within minutes, Blandon crafted this calculator to systematically inform his decision making.

From calculating capital gains projections of a buy and hold, the net profit after tax from a flip to a 10 lot subdivision where you wish to sell half / hold half.

Full instruction and updates are included for our members.

Google Sheets Spreadsheet which calculates Property Investment Options

#4 Passive Income Calculator - Spreadsheet

Meld your current situation and your future goal together, creating a plan from where you are to where you need to be. Keep this updated as you progress through your portfolio building and it will always highlight the correct next step to take.

Access Our Students Secret Weapon... Each Other

All Property Formula Workshop students and graduates are invited to join a private community. Within our growing community there are both student led initiatives and catchups, plus others organised by us. The relationships this community allows our team to build with clients is one of the most satisfying parts of our work. We can’t wait to get to know you on a personal level.

#1 Joint Ventures

Some students team up to secure higher value deals.

#2 Weekly Deal Analysis

Every Saturday morning we have a group zoom call where we analyse a deal live over the call. This includes in depth spreadsheet analysis. Use this opportunity to see the hidden gem deals that are getting done every week behind closed doors. 

#3 Meetups and social evenings

Students and advisers have periodic social events to ensure we have the opportunity to meet face to face. These are always well attended and huge fun for everybody. People fly up to Auckland to make sure they don’t miss out.

#4 Private Facebook Group

You will be invited to join the private facebook group, within the group you will find interesting conversations, people sharing deals, seeking help, or partnership up to complete deals.

"My property investment journey started in 2009 and I have dealt with a few mortgage brokers which I then found were ok, until I got Blandon to help a couple of years ago. Blandon is absolutely different from my previous mortgage brokers by understanding my situation and my goals, being creative with solutions and valuable advice offered as he is an active investor and business owner himself.

He has helped me achieved results in both property and business. I have no hesitation in recommending his workshop."
-- Michael.

After completing the workshop you will be able to work out exactly what property you should buy next, how to get it under contract, and how to structure your lending to ensure you can continually access additional mortgage lending to keep growing.

Develop a numbers based strategy

Stop following your gut and guessing! Build and update your personalised mortgage/leverage strategy. Financially assess your current situation and calculate what numbers your next investment needs to achieve.

Plan multiple properties ahead

Never look just one property ahead. Build and update your personalised portfolio growth strategy. Plan your portfolio growth over multiple properties into the future.

Use multiple property strategies

Don't repeat the same investment strategy again and again. Fill your toolbox with multiple property investment strategies. Choose which tool to use next to simultaneously achieve your portfolio growth goals and your mortgage/leverage goals.

Find the properties you need

Find the right property. Tactics, secrets and tricks on searching for rare deals, securing them, navigating the auction process (or working around it). Learn how to find the exact property you need.

"I highly recommend Blandon Leung. Having worked in the real estate industry for many years I’ve been lucky enough to have great relationships with a variety of mortgage brokers and bank managers.

That said of recent times when it’s come to my own investment portfolio I’ve chosen Blandon. Why? Because of his creativity and depth of understanding. He has an amazing ability to synthesise my goals with his industry knowledge to help me come up with a way to move forward.

If you’re looking to build your investment portfolio - Blandon will be a great guide for you."
-- David Palfreyman.

Join in today and change the trajectory of your life.

Exclusive Education

Calculator Spreadsheets

Private Community

Do you want to increase your household cash flow, increase your wealth, and retire early?

Do you believe property is the right method to achieve these dreams?

Do you have $3,997 or $699/month for 6 months available to invest in your future?

If you've answered yes to those three questions, apply now, let us help you achieve your dreams.

If all this workshop did for you was help avoid a tiny $10,000 mistake on your next $500,000 purchase... would that be worth it?

Start building up your property intelligence today!