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Mortgagehq brings a systematic approach called The Mortgage Lifecycle to help clients make real progress with tangible results. If you want to get your property portfolio started or expanding, check out some of our free resources (made available to the Datacom team at no cost). 

The best place to start is with the Free 21 Day Property Investor email course. 
Has anyone ever revealed the rules, strategies and tricks of the property investing game to you? Have you ever seen how property investors create $500,000+ of profit from a single property purchase? We can show you the case studies.

Extra for experts or those really committed
Our workshops aim to reduce complexity to clarity in a few hours. You will still get the same (or better) rate discounts you are used to getting but with more tailored and in-depth advice. Our teams are spreadsheet geeks and tech-heads just like you guys. 

Do you have clear goals, and an adviser specialised and passionate about your specific situation and goals?
This is the all-important first step that determines if this is the year you take action or another year that drifts past in the busyness of life. Someone from our team can help. Book a 10-minute introductory call. This is a no-pressure, no-obligation call. Jarrett will help you clarify your situation and goals, and then when you are ready he will match you with an adviser from our team.

Meet the Directors

Andrew and Blandon co-founded mortgagehq together in 2015 and still lead the company. Blandon is our Senior Mortgage Adviser and takes responsibility for continuously upskilling our adviser team while building educational content and courses to upskill you. Andrew is the Managing Director and oversees a lot of the business while staying visible and leading from the front, he ensures he still spends time talking with a huge number of our clients. They both put their money with their mouth is and grow their portfolios and share their secrets alongside our clients. 

If you don’t have a mortgage adviser yet (or you are not satisfied with the advice you are getting) I encourage you to book a 10-minute introductory call. This is a no-pressure, no-obligation call that lets you chat with us so when you do require assistance you’re not alone.

Try the mortgage snapshot to get a one-minute breakdown of your current options if you are just curious.

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