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Capitalhq is reshaping property development financing. Beyond mere transactions, our goal is to foster lasting wealth through smart strategies for all involved. We see a future where every developer, big or small, employs savvy financial tactics for outstanding ROI and industry best practice for superior end results.


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Know Who We Are

About our company

Along our journey of settling over $2 billion in mortgages, primarily for investors, we at mortgagehq recognised property as a steadfast vehicle for wealth accumulation.

However, as investors scaled their wealth, they often encountered a challenge. Their accumulated equity, which once stood as a testament to their financial acumen, began to stagnate and lose efficiency. As their capital gains began to outpace their cash flows, their yields diminished.

Many investors inevitably face this universal challenge. They have equity, but their servicing capacity dwindles, hindering the growth of their portfolio. This predicament led many of them towards property development, viewing it as a viable strategy to recycle their equity and enhance their income.

Our observations led us to identify some pervasive misconceptions in this transition to development. Many held binary views of selling every property developed or retaining all of them. While selling provided immediate cash flow and profits, retaining properties was the key to long-term wealth.

Yet, retaining properties wasn’t always sustainable, as it often came at a considerable cost. We identified a nuanced balance, a ‘sweet spot’ regarding the number of properties one should hold to ensure consistent growth without exhausting resources.

Furthermore, we noticed an unhealthy fixation among developers on cost. Their eyes were set on immediate expenses, often overlooking the pivotal metric of Return on Equity (RoE).

A focus on RoE can be transformative, steering the trajectory of long-term wealth creation.

As mortgagehq effectively served its investor clientele, we identified an emergent niche: investors transitioning into developers. They sought specialised services distinct from conventional offerings.

Market exploration revealed a glaring void. Brokerages predominantly pursued transactions, with scarcely any concentration on optimising RoE and cultivating a wealth-building strategy for clients. It was this revelation that sowed the seeds for CapitalHQ.

When it's about maximizing your returns and shaping your financial future

capitalhq is the partner you deserve.

Our Team

Andrew Malcolm, Board of Directors

An author by choice and a networker by nature, Andrew's expertise is invaluable. Apart from being a pivotal figure at MortgageHQ, he's also versed in the intricacies of the dangerous goods industry.

Blandon Leung, Chief in Command

Blandon's expertise lies deep within the lending realm. Having overseen transactions exceeding $2 billion in investment lending, he understands the intricacies of this domain like no other. As the director of MortgageHQ, Blandon couples his passion for finance with an unwavering commitment to aiding families in crafting legacies of generational wealth.

David Whitburn, Consultant

Transitioning from law to development, David's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With a portfolio boasting over 500 successfully delivered properties and his own lending line, David is the go-to expert on the structuring of efficient deals.

Frank Chen, Consultant

Formerly an esteemed development and finance manager, Frank is our spreadsheet aficionado. His extensive experience in property development and construction stretches from the shores of Dubai and Singapore to New Zealand. Under his adept leadership, he successfully delivered over 200 properties in New Zealand within a short span of four years.

What We Value


We believe in an open dialogue with our clients, ensuring clarity and trust in every transaction and decision.


In a dynamic property development world, our stance emphasises creative problem-solving and unique strategies tailored to individual project needs.


Achieving greatness together. Our collaborative mindset, backed by partnerships with leading industry minds, offers our clients unparalleled expertise and insights.

RoE-Driven Strategy​

We place developers at the forefront, helping them assess opportunities and risks meticulously. Our commitment lies in optimizing returns on investment for every project.

Wealth Creation​

Beyond mere financing, we're invested in our clients' long-term wealth journey. Our emphasis on Return on Equity ensures that every financial decision propels them closer to their wealth objectives.

Educative Insight

Empowering through knowledge. We break down complex financial concepts, ensuring our clients can make informed decisions with confidence.

Why Choose Us

Elite Team Expertise

With leaders like Frank Chen's global development experience, Blandon Leung's mastery in investment lending, Andrew Malcolm's extensive networking, and David Whitburn's transformative journey from law to over 500 property deliveries, our team's collective wisdom sets us apart.

Client-Centric Approach

We're not just about deals; we're about your success. Our consultative services ensure that your returns are optimized, aligning with the best structures and capital partners tailored for your wealth-building journey.

Unmatched Track Record

Our vast experience in the industry is unparalleled. Choosing capitalhq means partnering with a proven powerhouse, dedicated to offering immense value and results.


capitalhq specialises in development funding brokerage services. We assist developers in optimising their financing strategies, placing a robust emphasis on an RoE-driven approach.

capitalhq isn’t just another brokerage service. We focus on long-term wealth-building through an RoE-driven strategy, ensuring developers achieve exceptional returns on their investment by taking into account not just profit but also the time involved.

RoE measures the profitability of investments compared to the equity invested. Crucially, it considers time, making it a comprehensive measure of efficiency and wealth-building potential. A higher RoE indicates that you’re getting a better return in a shorter timeframe.

Our team combines deep industry expertise with a comprehensive approach, assessing both opportunities and potential risks. We’ll delve into project viability, market conditions, and financial metrics to provide tailored guidance.

No, we cater to developers at every stage of their journey. Our services are meticulously designed to amplify ROI, whether you’re starting your first project or are a seasoned developer.

capitalhq operates with a commitment to transparency. We believe in open dialogue and ensure you have all the information you need, every step of the way.

For us, ingenuity means creative problem-solving. Every development project is unique, and we champion innovative, tailored strategies that address each project’s distinct needs.

Initiating collaboration is easy. Just reach out to our team through our contact methods, and we’ll guide you from there.

We’re strong believers in knowledge-sharing. capitalhq offers insights, workshops, and resources to help developers navigate the intricacies of financial planning and strategies.

We believe collaboration extends beyond direct communication. At capitalhq, we not only connect you with suitable lenders but also potential equity partners, providing a comprehensive network to support your development projects.

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